What Refrigerators Are Made in the USA? Find Out Now!

Whirlpool is the only manufacturer that produces refrigerators in the usa. Whirlpool corporation is an american multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.

The company is the only manufacturer of refrigerators that produces them in the usa. Whirlpool corporation offers a wide range of refrigerator models, including french door, side-by-side, bottom-freezer, and top-freezer refrigerators. The company prides itself on producing energy-efficient refrigerators that are both durable and stylish.

In addition to refrigerators, whirlpool corporation also manufactures other home appliances such as dishwashers, ranges, ovens, microwaves, and washers and dryers. With a long history of quality products and customer satisfaction, whirlpool is a trusted brand in the appliance industry.

Top American Refrigerator Brands Made In The Usa

Definition Of What Constitutes A Refrigerator Being “Made In The Usa”

When we talk about a refrigerator being “made in the usa”, we mean that the majority of its components were manufactured in the united states and that it was assembled and finished domestically. The federal trade commission also states that products advertised as “made in the usa” must be “all or virtually all” made in the country, with just a minimal amount of foreign components or processing.

Overview Of American Brands That Make Refrigerators In The Usa

There are several american brands that manufacture refrigerators in the usa, which are top-rated appliances in the country. Here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Sub-zero: A luxury brand that has been producing refrigerators in wisconsin since the 1940s.
  • Viking: Known for its professional-grade kitchen appliances, this brand manufactures high-quality refrigerators in mississippi.
  • Whirlpool: One of the largest appliance manufacturers in the country, whirlpool produces multiple models of fridges in its factories across the united states.
  • Ge appliances: This brand makes a large range of refrigerators in the usa, and its most popular models are built in louisville, kentucky.
  • True: A brand that specializes in commercial refrigeration, true produces high-end residential refrigerators in missouri.

Detailed Description Of Each Brand, Their History, And Most Popular Models


Sub-zero is a luxury refrigerator brand that has been producing high-end appliances for over 70 years. The company was founded in madison, wisconsin, by westye f. bakke, who introduced the first built-in refrigerator in 1955. Today, all sub-zero refrigerators are manufactured in the usa, and the company has an extensive line of models to choose from, including:

  • Sub-zero bi36ufdidsth: A french door refrigerator with a built-in ice maker and water dispenser.
  • Sub-zero pro 48: A side-by-side refrigerator with a glass door and advanced temperature control technology.
  • Sub-zero bi-36r: A built-in refrigerator with a classic stainless steel design and innovative cooling features.


Viking is a professional-grade appliance brand that produces high-performance refrigerators in greenwood, mississippi. The company was founded by fred carl jr. , who started building viking ranges in his garage in the 1980s. Today, viking is known for its luxurious and durable appliances, including:

  • Viking vcsb5483ss: A side-by-side refrigerator with a spacious interior and advanced filtration system.
  • Viking vbi7360wrss: A bottom-freezer refrigerator with led lighting and a digital temperature control system.
  • Viking vcfb5363lss: A french door refrigerator with a built-in ice and water dispenser and adjustable shelves.


Whirlpool is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, with factories in the usa, europe, and asia. The company produces multiple refrigerator models in the united states, including:

  • Whirlpool wrx986sihz: A french door refrigerator with a fingerprint-resistant finish and multiple cooling zones.
  • Whirlpool wrf535swhz: A side-by-side refrigerator with a large capacity and adjustable shelves and drawers.
  • Whirlpool wrs321sdhz: A side-by-side refrigerator with an exterior ice and water dispenser and humidity-controlled crispers.

Ge Appliances

Ge appliances is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of household appliances, including refrigerators. Many of the brand’s most popular models are built in its louisville, kentucky, factory, which is also home to the brand’s headquarters. Some of ge appliances’ top refrigerator models include:

  • Ge gne27jymfs: A french door refrigerator with a built-in ice maker and adjustable shelves and door bins.
  • Ge gne25jskss: A side-by-side refrigerator with an external water and ice dispenser and adjustable humidity drawers.
  • Ge gie21gthww: A top-freezer refrigerator with a slim design and adjustable glass shelves.
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True is a brand that specializes in commercial refrigeration but has recently expanded into the residential market. The company produces high-quality residential refrigerators in missouri, using expertise from its commercial line. Some of true’s most popular models include:

  • True t-23-hc: A top-freezer refrigerator with glass doors and led lighting.
  • True t-49-hc: A two-door refrigerator with a large capacity and adjustable shelves and drawers.
  • True t-72-hc: A three-door refrigerator with a built-in ice maker and advanced temperature control.

Overall, these american brands offer a variety of options when it comes to refrigerators, with high-quality designs and advanced features. Whether you’re looking for a luxury fridge or a more basic model, there’s an american-made brand that is sure to meet your needs.

Benefits Of Buying American-Made Refrigerators

When it comes to buying a new refrigerator, one of the key considerations is whether to go for american-made or imported models. It may seem like a small detail, but choosing an american-made refrigerator can have numerous benefits. In this section, we will explore the advantages of purchasing a refrigerator made in the usa.

Advantages Of Purchasing A Refrigerator Made In The Usa

American-made refrigerators are known for their quality, durability, and affordability. Here are some of the key benefits of opting for an american-made refrigerator:

  • Quality: Refrigerators made in the usa are known for their high quality. American manufacturers use top-of-the-line components, ensuring that their products are built to last. Additionally, american-made refrigerators are subject to strict quality control standards, which means that every unit undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure that it works perfectly.
  • Durability: American-made refrigerators are designed to withstand heavy usage. They are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, both of which help to extend the lifespan of the unit. So, if you choose an american-made refrigerator, you can trust that it will be a long-lasting investment.
  • Pricing: In many cases, american-made refrigerators are priced competitively with their imported counterparts. While some foreign-made models may initially appear to be less expensive, they often come with hidden costs, like higher shipping fees or less efficient energy ratings.
  • Environmental impact: Choosing an american-made refrigerator can also have environmental benefits. American manufacturers are required to adhere to strict environmental standards, which means that they must use sustainable practices and materials. This can result in a lower carbon footprint for the unit, as well as better energy efficiency overall.

Comparison With Imported Units In Terms Of Quality, Durability, Pricing, And Environmental Impact

To fully weigh the benefits of buying american-made refrigerators, it is important to compare them with imported models in terms of a few key criteria:

  • Quality: Generally speaking, american-made refrigerators are known for their superior quality compared to imported models. While there are certainly high-quality imported refrigerators available, it can be more challenging to find reliable options. Additionally, imported models are not subject to the same rigorous testing and quality control standards as american-made models.
  • Durability: As with quality, american-made refrigerators tend to be more durable than their imported counterparts. The rigorous testing and quality control standards that are in place for american-made models help ensure that they will stand up over time. Imported models may not be held to the same standards, which means they may not be as reliably long lasting.
  • Pricing: In some cases, imported refrigerators may be priced lower than their american-made counterparts. However, as mentioned earlier, it is important to take into account all costs associated with a unit, not just the initial purchase price. Shipping fees, energy efficiency ratings, and other factors can all impact the real cost of an imported refrigerator versus an american-made one.
  • Environmental impact: While both american-made and imported refrigerators can be environmentally friendly, american-made models are more likely to adhere to strict environmental standards. American manufacturers must follow specific guidelines when it comes to sustainability, whereas imported models may not be held to the same standards.
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Explanation Of How Buying American-Made Appliances Contributes To The Local Economy

One of the most compelling reasons to choose an american-made refrigerator is the positive impact it has on the local economy. When you buy an american-made appliance, you are supporting american manufacturing jobs and contributing to your local economy. Here are a few reasons why this matters:

  • Job creation: According to research, every manufacturing job created in the united states supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other areas of the economy. This means that by supporting american manufacturing, you are helping to create jobs in your community and beyond.
  • Economic growth: Manufacturing is a critical part of the u.s. economy. When americans buy american-made products, they are supporting that industry and helping to drive economic growth. This means a stronger economy overall, which benefits everyone.
  • Quality of life: When a community has strong manufacturing industries, it can lead to higher wages, better benefits, and more stable employment. This, in turn, can help to improve quality of life for individuals and families within that community.

Buying an american-made refrigerator can have a number of benefits, from superior quality and durability to positive economic impact. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, be sure to consider american-made options as part of your search process.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Us-Made Refrigerator

Are you in search of an energy-efficient refrigerator that’s proudly made in the usa? Shopping for the right refrigerator can be overwhelming, considering how many options are available in the market. To help you make an informed decision, here are some key factors to consider before purchasing a us-made refrigerator:

Comparison Of Features, Styles, Sizes, And Energy Consumption Among Us-Made Refrigerators

Before you buy an american-made refrigerator, consider the following factors:

  • Features: Today’s refrigerators come with a range of features, including water and ice dispensers, smart technology, and door alarms. Make a list of essential features that you need, and compare models from different manufacturers to find one that fits your requirements.
  • Styles: From french-door and side-by-side to top-freezer and bottom-freezer, refrigerators come in a variety of styles. Choose a style that best fits your kitchen’s design and layout.
  • Sizes: Measure your kitchen space before purchasing a refrigerator. A refrigerator that’s too big will be difficult to fit, while one that’s too small won’t provide enough storage space for your needs.
  • Energy consumption: Look for refrigerators with an energy star certification. These appliances are designed to use less energy and save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Brief Overview Of Reviews And Ratings From Customers Who Have Purchased American-Made Refrigerators

Reading customer reviews and ratings can help you gain a better understanding of the brand’s product quality and customer service. Here’s a brief overview of what customers are saying about some of the top us-made refrigerator brands:

  • General electric (ge): Customers love ge refrigerators for their sleek design and spacious interiors. However, some reviews mention issues with the ice maker and water dispenser.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool refrigerators receive high ratings for their durability and energy efficiency. The brand’s customer service also received positive feedback from customers.
  • Kitchenaid: Customers praise kitchenaid refrigerators for their innovative features and quiet operation. However, some reviews noted problems with the ice maker.

Tips To Ensure Consumers Choose The Best Refrigerator For Their Homes And Budget

Here are some tips to help you choose an american-made refrigerator that’s perfect for your needs:

  • Set a budget: Refrigerators can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget beforehand. Take note of key features that are essential and avoid fancy features that can increase the price.
  • Research different brands: Compare different brands’ models that fit your required features list. Read up on reviews, check on the manufacturer’s reputation, and compare prices before making a purchase.
  • Check the space: Measure your kitchen space beforehand, so you can find a refrigerator that fits well. Don’t forget to check your doorstep and pathways to ensure hassle-free installation.
  • Consider energy efficiency: Choose an energy star certified refrigerator to save on energy bills in the long run. This is an investment for your kitchen that you’ll appreciate down the line.
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Choosing an american-made refrigerator takes time and research. Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be able to find one perfect for your home and budget.

Where To Buy Refrigerators Made In The Usa

Overview Of Appliance Stores Or Online Retailers That Carry American-Made Refrigerators

When it comes to purchasing household appliances like refrigerators, many people prioritize buying american-made products. Several appliance stores and online retailers offer refrigerators made in the usa. Here’s an overview of where you can find them:

  • Sears: Sears sells refrigerators made in the usa under the kenmore brand.
  • Home depot: This home improvement retailer carries american-made refrigerators from brands like whirlpool and kitchenaid.
  • Lowe’s: Similarly, lowe’s sells usa-made refrigerators from whirlpool and maytag.
  • Aj madison: Aj madison is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of american-made refrigerators from brands like frigidaire and ge.
  • Best buy: Best buy carries refrigerators from several american-made brands such as whirlpool, ge, and frigidaire.

Tips On How To Identify Which Models Are Made In The Usa When Shopping For Refrigerators

Knowing how to identify american-made refrigerators when shopping can significantly impact your purchasing decisions. Here are a few tips to help you find an american-made refrigerator:

  • Look for a “made in usa” label or sticker on the product itself.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website to confirm that the refrigerator is made in the usa.
  • If the model number starts with the number 1-9, there’s a possibility that it’s made in the usa since most foreign-made products have a 0 as the first digit.
  • Research the brand to see if they manufacture their products in the usa, and if not, which models are made in america.

Information On How To Verify That A Refrigerator Is Made In The Usa

If you want to ensure that you’re purchasing an american-made refrigerator, verification is crucial. Follow these steps to verify that a refrigerator is made in the usa:

  • Check the manufacturer’s information in the owner’s manual, which should state where the refrigerator was made.
  • Look for the “made in usa” label or sticker on the product, but make sure it’s not “assembled in the usa,” as that only means the product was put together in the usa but may contain foreign-made parts.
  • Call the manufacturer’s customer service or support line and ask directly whether the refrigerator was made in the usa.
  • Consult a reliable third-party source that lists american-made products, such as the made in america movement’s website.

When it comes to buying a refrigerator made in america, knowing where to purchase and how to verify your purchase can help you make more informed purchasing decisions. Use these tips to find and confirm that the fridge you’re buying is indeed made in the usa.


After thoroughly researching and analyzing the top refrigerators made in the usa, it’s evident that choosing an american-made appliance is not only a patriotic decision but also a smart one. The models that made our list offer premium features, high-quality construction, and energy efficiency.

From french door to side-by-side, these refrigerators provide ample storage and are designed to meet the changing needs of modern households. Not only do they keep your food fresh and organized, but they also look sleek and stylish. Additionally, purchasing a usa-made appliance supports local economies, ensures ethical manufacturing practices, and contributes to a greener future.

So, whether you’re in the market for an upgrade or simply curious, we hope our list has provided you with valuable information to make an informed decision on which refrigerator to invest in.

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