Are Tervis Cups Microwave Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

Are Tervis Cups Microwave Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a reusable, durable and safe cup for your hot drinks? Tervis cups are the answer! These widely popular cups are designed to keep your drinks hotter for longer, but there is one burning question – are they microwave safe? Read on to learn more and make an informed decision.

Tervis cups are insulated cups designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. While they are made of insulated material, it is still important to be mindful of when they can and cannot be used in microwaves. Knowing the safety precautions can help ensure that you do not damage or injure yourself or your family when using the Tervis cups in the microwave.

In this guide, we will review whether Tervis cups are safe to use in the microwave and any other safety tips that should be followed:

What is a Tervis Cup?

Tervis cups are insulated tumblers, mugs, and water bottles specially designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Tervis tumblers come in a wide variety of styles, including clear or colorful designs, popping with personality. These cups and mugs are made from high-grade acrylic material that is BPA-free, so they are safe to use in a variety of hot and cold temperatures.

The insulation is designed to lock in the temperature of your beverage and keep it that way for longer periods of time. This makes them perfect for anyone who wants a beverage that stays at the same temperature throughout their day. Additionally, they come with shatterproof liners to keep your drinks safe from any fragile situations. Plus, these are available with lids so you can take them on the go without ever having to worry about spills.

When it comes to microwaving your Tervis cup for reheating purposes, the answer is actually yes – but with some precautions! Tervis does not recommend placing any product into an unprotected microwave because it may cause damage or leakage. However if you choose to do this anyway by using a microwave plate or tray as an additional precaution against any possible spilling during microwaving – then yes! Just be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Place cup on microwave plate or tray
  2. Heat up no longer than 10 seconds
  3. Stop microwaving before liquid is boiling; stir contents if necessary
  4. Allow cup to cool before consuming
  5. Do not use near open flame
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Benefits of Tervis Cups

Tervis cups are insulated plastic tumblers that keep drinks cold or hot longer than traditional glass or ceramic mugs. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles – from team logos to intricate designs – allowing users to choose the perfect size and style for their needs.

In addition to keeping drinks hot or cold and looking stylish while doing it, there are numerous other benefits to choosing Tervis cups. For starters, they’re lightweight and durable – making them perfect for everyday use – and they won’t shatter like glass when accidentally dropped. And if you prefer to reheat your beverage of choice later on, many Tervis cups are microwave safe! This feature makes them great for the office or for taking along on your favorite outdoor activity.

The double wall insulation of these cups not only keeps drinks colder longer than conventional glasses but also prevents a condensation buildup from making surfaces slick or wet. Plus, it helps preserve temperatures in both hot and cold drinks much longer than standard drinking containers – great news if you take your time finishing a beverage. All of these great features also make Tervis cups environmentally friendly as they help reduce waste from disposable containers while still providing an enjoyable drinking experience!

Are Tervis Cups Microwave Safe?

Tervis tumblers are designed to be tough and withstand temperature changes, making them appropriate for use in microwaves. The lids should not be microwaved; however, other parts of the tumbler, including the inner core, are microwave safe and even dishwasher safe.

When microwaving your Tervis cup, it is important to make sure that the lid is completely off of the cup. Allowing any part of the lid to remain on can cause a buildup of heat within the cup and may cause damage to both the tumbler and the microwave. For added precaution, you should also avoid stoves or any direct-heat source when heating your Tervis cups or allowing them to cool down after use.

To increase safety measures, always inspect your Tervis cups prior to use. If there appear to be any cracks or leaks in either the lid or body of your tumbler do not attempt to put it into a microwave as this could cause a dangerous event such as fire or electrocution. Furthermore if you notice discoloration in any area of your cup, then it is likely that that area has been exposed to too much heat and should be disposed of immediately.

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Regularly cleaning your Tervis cups with warm water using a mild detergent is an effective way to maintain perfect condition regardless of how often you intended use them for heating liquids in a microwave oven. With proper upkeep and caution when using microwaves with these tumblers you can make sure that they last for many years!

How to Safely Use Tervis Cups in the Microwave

Tervis cups are an excellent choice for a variety of occasions because they keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. But did you know that you can also use them in your microwave? With the right preparation and procedures, you can safely and confidently use your Tervis cups in the microwave for a quick reheat or a simple snack.

To begin, it’s important to remember to only heat food or liquid in the cup and avoid any metallic decorations. When heating, start with lower power settings and gradually increase as needed; don’t start on full power. Also make sure to check that any lid gaskets are firmly seated before placing the cup in the microwave. Finally, be sure to never use any other type of cups or glass containers – these could break or shatter when placed in the microwave resulting in personal injury and property damage.

When using Tervis cups in the microwave, be sure to follow best practices so that you enjoy your time at home more safely! With all these tips and tricks, you’ll have no problems making enjoyable snacks or heating up future beverages with your Tervis cup.

Alternatives to Microwaving Tervis Cups

Although Tervis cups are generally considered safe to use in the microwave, it is not recommended and can lead to undesirable results. Since Tervis products are made from insulated plastic, microwaving them can cause the cup to become too hot to touch safely. Furthermore, uneven heating might result in warping or splitting of the drinkware. Therefore, it is advisable to explore alternatives for heating a beverage if microwaving a Tervis product is not an option.

The following methods can be used instead of microwaving a Tervis product:

  • Boiling water – Fill a pot with water and bring it to a rolling boil over your stovetop. Insert your cup and let it sit in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes before removing with tongs and enjoying your beverage at desired temperature.
  • Stovetop warming – A medium setting on your stove top should be enough for this method; simply put your cold liquid into the container and heat slowly until desired temperature is reached, stirring intermittently along the way, as needed.
  • Heating Pad/Hot Water Bottle – Place your container onto a heating pad or hot water bottle that has been preheated on low heat setting; this will warm up your beverage slowly without risking an accidental boilover while allowing you to keep an eye on temperatures easily throughout the process.
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In conclusion, Tervis tumblers are safe to use in the microwave. The unique design of the double wall insulation helps to capture heat and promotes even cooking while preventing any possible leaking or spills. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions, you can safely enjoy hot beverages without any worries of chemical contamination.

Just remember to remove any metal pieces such as coffee lids and stirring or sipping spoons before placing your cup in the microwave.


At Tervis, we design our products with food grade plastic that is free of BPA and other hazardous materials. As a general rule of thumb, it is safe to use Tervis products in the microwave, as long as you keep an eye on the item and follow these simple tips:

  • Only use microwaves with electromagnetic shielding to ensure uniformity in product safety.
  • Avoid microwaving food or beverage items containing oil or fat longer than one minute at a time.
  • Do not place any hard metal such as kitchen utensils inside your Tervis cup when microwaving. This may cause sparks which can damage the microwave or set off fire alarms.
  • Always heat cautiously when using your Tervis cup in the microwave since heating times vary between models and also due to intensity variation caused by altitude, wattage output and food type.
  • Before putting Tervis items in the microwave, always make sure they are room temperature otherwise condensation may occur from extreme temperature changes that could cause stress fractures or melting of your cup’s interior compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Are Tervis cups microwave safe?

Answer: Yes, Tervis cups are microwave safe. The manufacturer recommends heating them for no more than 30 seconds at a time and no more than 1 minute total.

Question 2: Can Tervis cups go in the dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, Tervis cups are dishwasher safe. They should be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher to avoid high temperatures that can cause damage.

Question 3: How long do Tervis cups last?

Answer: Tervis cups are designed to last a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, Tervis cups should last for many years.

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