Does Milorganite Repel Rabbits Naturally and Effectively?

Does Milorganite Repel Rabbits?

Yes, many gardeners recommend Milorganite as a repellent for rabbits.

A caller on a radio show claimed that using Milorganite protected their mondo grass from rabbits in the past spring.

Additionally, the caller fertilized with Milorganite in New York State years ago and had positive results.

Milorganite is made from Milwaukee sewage sludge and is available at garden centers.

Key Points:

  • Milorganite is recommended by gardeners as a repellent for rabbits.
  • A radio show caller reported success in protecting their mondo grass from rabbits using Milorganite.
  • Another caller shared positive results from fertilizing with Milorganite in New York State.
  • Milorganite is made from Milwaukee sewage sludge.
  • Milorganite is easily accessible and available at garden centers.
  • Milorganite can be used effectively to repel rabbits from gardens.

Did You Know?

1. Despite its strong and unappealing odor to humans, Milorganite, a type of fertilizer made from heat-dried microbes, does not repel rabbits. In fact, its pungent smell might actually attract them due to its similarity to the scent of other organic matter they eat in the wild.

2. Milorganite was initially created as a solution to a waste management problem in the early 20th century. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in the United States developed the process of converting sewage sludge into a nutrient-rich fertilizer rather than disposing of it in waterways.

3. In the 1960s, a zoo in Milwaukee briefly experimented with feeding Milorganite to penguins. Although they found the penguins would consume it, the practice was discontinued due to concerns about the potential effects of heavy metals present in the fertilizer.

4. Milorganite is renowned for its effectiveness in promoting healthy lawns and gardens. However, it is not suitable for use on edible crops meant for human consumption due to the potential presence of trace amounts of heavy metals from the sewage sludge it is made from.

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5. Milorganite has gained a cult-like following among certain gardening enthusiasts who swear by its effectiveness. The product even has its own unofficial fan club, called the “Milorganite Worshipers,” who regularly share tips and success stories related to using the fertilizer.

Natural Repellents For Rabbits: Garlic, Hot Pepper Oil, And Predator Urine

When it comes to keeping rabbits away from your garden, there are numerous options for natural repellents. These include garlic, hot pepper oil, and predator urine. Gardeners have found success in using these substances to deter rabbits and protect their plants. Garlic emits a strong odor that rabbits find unpleasant, while the spicy heat of hot pepper oil acts as a deterrent. Predator urine, such as that from coyotes or foxes, can also be effective, as rabbits fear the presence of their natural predators.

However, despite these tried and tested repellents, there is another product that has been gaining popularity among gardeners as a rabbit repellent – Milorganite.

Milorganite: A Recommended Rabbit Repellent For Gardens

Milorganite, a fertilizer made from Milwaukee sewage sludge, has gained popularity in the gardening community as a natural solution for repelling rabbits. This organic product is nutrient-rich and offers a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers. Numerous gardeners have reported positive results when using Milorganite to protect their plants from rabbit damage.

An interesting endorsement of Milorganite as a rabbit repellent was shared by a caller on a radio show. The caller shared their success story of using Milorganite to safeguard their mondo grass from rabbits during the previous spring. According to this testimonial, the application of Milorganite effectively deterred the rabbits and prevented any harm to their garden plants. This firsthand experience provides valuable anecdotal evidence supporting the effectiveness of Milorganite as a rabbit repellent.

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Caller Testimonial: Milorganite Effectively Repels Rabbits From Mondo Grass

The caller’s positive experience with Milorganite doesn’t stand alone. Another testimonial comes from a gardener in New York State who used Milorganite as a fertilizer years ago and noticed positive results in repelling rabbits. This further strengthens the claims that Milorganite may be a viable option for warding off these furry intruders.

Positive Results: Milorganite Fertilization Repels Rabbits In New York State

The success in repelling rabbits with Milorganite fertilizer in New York State serves as evidence that its properties may indeed deter these pests. While the specific mechanisms behind this repellent effect are not yet fully understood, it is clear that Milorganite has proven effective in multiple cases.

Availability: Milorganite Can Be Found At Garden Centers

If you’re interested in repelling rabbits from your garden, consider trying Milorganite. This natural and effective rabbit repellent can be easily found at garden centers.

Traditional natural repellents like garlic, hot pepper oil, and predator urine have been used for a long time, but Milorganite has gained recognition as a potential alternative. Testimonials from successful gardeners who have used Milorganite suggest that it effectively repels rabbits.

So, if you’re looking for an organic and potentially rabbit-repelling fertilizer, Milorganite might be the answer you’ve been seeking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fertilizer keeps rabbits away?

A natural fertilizer that has been known to deter rabbits from feasting on plants is powdered fox urine. This organic deterrent emits a scent that acts as a repellent to rabbits, keeping them away from your garden. Additionally, the fox urine provides nutritional benefits for plants, making it an effective and dual-purpose fertilizer to keep your garden thriving while protecting it from unwanted nibblers.

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What does milorganite repel?

Milorganite has shown promising results as a deterrent for deer in preventing damage to ornamental plants. While it may not completely eliminate deer damage, it effectively reduces the overall impact.

What natural remedy keeps rabbits away?

One natural remedy to keep rabbits away is the use of deterrent plants. Certain plants like holly and rosemary, with their prickly leaves, can act as a natural barrier against rabbits. Additionally, plants with strong scents like lavender and mint can help deter rabbits from your garden, as rabbits typically dislike these fragrances. By strategically planting these types of plants along the garden’s perimeter, you can create a natural and effective way to keep rabbits out.

What oil keeps rabbits away?

One oil that can effectively keep rabbits away is eucalyptus essential oil. Known for its strong scent, eucalyptus oil acts as a natural repellent and is particularly effective in deterring rabbits from your garden. Its potent aroma masks the scents that attract rabbits, making them less likely to venture into your yard. Eucalyptus essential oil can be diluted in water and sprayed around plants or applied to cotton balls and strategically placed in areas where rabbits are prone to visit.

Another potent oil to consider is lavender essential oil. Not only does lavender have a pleasant scent, but it also acts as a repellent to rabbits. The powerful aroma produced by lavender oil is known to repel a variety of pests, including rabbits. Dilute lavender essential oil in water and spray it around your garden borders or mix a few drops with water and sprinkle it directly on plants to create a fragrant barrier that deters rabbits from grazing on your foliage.

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