Does Purple Make a Mattress Topper for Better Sleep?

Does Purple Make a Mattress Topper?

No, Purple does not offer a mattress topper option.

They specialize in mattresses that feature the Purple GelFlex Grid for softness and support.

They offer both foam and hybrid mattresses in various firmness levels, suitable for different sleep positions and body types.

Purple mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

However, they do not currently sell mattress toppers.

Key Points:

  • Purple does not offer a mattress topper option
  • Purple specializes in mattresses featuring the Purple GelFlex Grid
  • Purple offers both foam and hybrid mattresses with different firmness levels
  • Purple mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty
  • Currently, Purple does not sell mattress toppers
  • Purple’s focus is on mattresses, not mattress toppers

Did You Know?

1. Purple, a popular brand known for their innovative sleep products, actually does make a mattress topper that enhances comfort and support.
2. Purple’s mattress toppers are made using their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material which allows for optimal pressure relief and temperature regulation.
3. One unique feature of Purple’s mattress toppers is their grid-like pattern which provides targeted pressure relief to different areas of the body, promoting a more comfortable and restful sleep.
4. Purple’s mattress toppers are designed to be compatible with any type of mattress and can easily be placed on top to enhance the overall comfort and support.
5. The Purple mattress toppers are also hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

Purple Does Not Offer A Mattress Topper Option

When it comes to improving the comfort and support of your existing mattress, one popular option is using a mattress topper. However, if you are specifically looking for a mattress topper from Purple, you may be disappointed to learn that Purple does not currently offer this option.

Purple is well-known for its innovative mattress designs, focusing on providing a unique sleep experience. While Purple mattresses offer their own unique features, such as the Purple GelFlex Grid, which provides a combination of softness and support, a mattress topper option is not available from this brand.

  • Purple does not offer mattress toppers.
  • Purple mattresses are known for their innovative designs and unique sleep experience.
  • The Purple GelFlex Grid provides a combination of softness and support.

“Purple is well-known for its innovative mattress designs, focusing on providing a unique sleep experience.”

The Purple Mattress Collection: Gelflex Grid For Softness And Support

Purple mattresses are designed to provide superior comfort and support, with their key feature being the Purple GelFlex Grid. This grid is made from a hyper-elastic polymer that is both soft and durable. It is designed to adapt to your body’s shape and relieve pressure points, promoting better spinal alignment and overall comfort.

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The GelFlex Grid also allows for excellent airflow, ensuring that you stay cool throughout the night.

The Purple Original Collection includes a range of mattress options to suit different sleep preferences. The Purple Mattress is a medium-firm, all-foam mattress that offers a balance of support and comfort. It is suitable for various body types and sleep positions.

For those who prefer a slightly softer feel, the Purple Plus Mattress is an excellent choice. This mattress is specifically designed for side sleepers, hot sleepers, and individuals who weigh less than 130lbs.

Exploring The Original And Plus Mattress Options

The Purple Original and Plus mattresses in the Purple Mattress Collection are known for their exceptional comfort and support. The Original is a medium-firm mattress that is suitable for a wide range of sleepers. It provides the perfect balance of support and pressure relief, making it ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

The Plus mattress, on the other hand, is specifically designed for side sleepers, hot sleepers, and individuals who weigh less than 130lbs. It offers enhanced pressure relief and a slightly softer feel than the Original mattress.

Both the Original and Plus mattresses feature the Purple GelFlex Grid, which is a unique material that conforms to your body’s shape for optimal comfort. The grid also provides excellent pressure relief, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote better sleep.

With their high-quality construction and innovative design, the Original and Plus mattresses from Purple are sure to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep experience.

The Hybrid Collection: Combining Polymer And Coils For Airflow And Buoyancy

In addition to the Original Collection, Purple also offers the Hybrid Collection. These mattresses combine the benefits of the Purple GelFlex Grid with individually wrapped coils for enhanced airflow and buoyancy. The Hybrid Collection is perfect for those seeking a balance between the contouring comfort of the GelFlex Grid and the added support of coils.

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The Purple Hybrid Mattress, in particular, stands out as the firmest option in the Hybrid Collection. It is designed for hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, individuals with pressure points, and sleepers under 230lbs. The combination of the GelFlex Grid and the coils ensures optimal support, motion isolation, and breathability.

For those who desire even more customization, Purple offers the Hybrid Premier mattresses in 3-inch and 4-inch profiles. These mattresses offer enhanced comfort and support, making them suitable for all types of sleepers and body types.

Sleep Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Information For Purple Mattresses

Purple understands the importance of mattress purchases as a significant investment and is committed to providing customers with peace of mind. All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to try out the mattress and confirm that it meets your sleep needs. If you are not satisfied after at least 21 nights of breaking in the mattress, Purple offers a hassle-free return process and a full refund.

In addition to the sleep trial, Purple mattresses include a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures that you are protected against any potential issues that may arise. It is important to note that the warranty is non-transferrable and covers the mattress itself, while the cover has a separate 2-year warranty.

When it comes to shipping, Purple offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. However, please be aware that there may be additional fees for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Purple mattresses are available for purchase online through their website, as well as in stores and from various retailers such as Macy’s and Mattress Firm.

In conclusion, while Purple does not offer a mattress topper option, they do provide a wide range of mattresses designed to offer optimal comfort and support. Whether you choose from the Original Collection or the Hybrid Collection, you can trust in Purple’s commitment to providing a superior sleep experience. With their innovative design, sleep trial, warranty, and convenient shipping options, Purple strives to ensure that their customers enjoy better sleep for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a mattress topper for purple mattress?

No, you do not need a mattress topper for a Purple mattress. The GelFlex® Grid, which is a built-in comfort layer, eliminates the need for a separate topper as it already provides the necessary support and comfort for any sleeping position. Using a mattress topper may actually diminish the benefits of the Grid, making it unnecessary to add one to your Purple mattress.

Does Purple make mattress covers?

Yes, Purple offers mattress covers that provide a Five-Sided Dual-Layer Defense. Designed to keep your mattress safeguarded from any spills or accidents, these covers have an absorbent outer layer that efficiently disperses liquid, while the inner layer acts as a protective barrier, preventing any wetness from seeping through. With Purple’s mattress covers, you can enjoy a worry-free and protected sleep experience.

What is the top of a purple mattress?

The top of a Purple mattress is designed with a proprietary GelFlex Grid material, known for its pressure-relieving properties that help alleviate pain. This innovative material is particularly beneficial for hot sleepers, as the Purple Grid allows for airflow and aids in temperature regulation throughout the night. With its remarkable combination of comfort and cooling capabilities, the top layer of a Purple mattress ensures a restful and refreshing sleep experience.

What is special about purple mattress?

One distinguishing feature of the Purple mattress is its ability to combat the notorious issue of sleeping hot that plagues many all-foam mattresses. Unlike its counterparts, the Purple mattress incorporates the innovative Purple Grid, which consists of open spaces that facilitate airflow. This intelligent design enables heat to disperse from the body, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

In a sea of all-foam mattresses, the Purple mattress truly stands out due to its exceptional temperature control. By preventing heat from becoming trapped within the mattress, the Purple Grid grants sleepers the opportunity to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without feeling uncomfortably warm. Say goodbye to the sleep disruptions caused by overheating, as the Purple mattress offers a refreshing solution to a common issue within the realm of all-foam mattresses.

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