Does SimpliSafe work without WiFi? Find out here!

Does Simplisafe Work Without WIFI?

Yes, SimpliSafe does work without WiFi.

The Base Station has a cellular module that operates on a cellular network instead of WiFi, ensuring it can still function if the WiFi stops working.

Additionally, the Base Station is equipped with a backup battery supply that can power it for up to 24 hours during a power outage.

If the power outage lasts longer than 24 hours, users can replace the rechargeable batteries in the Base Station with different rechargeable batteries.

Key Points:

  • SimpliSafe does work without WiFi.
  • The Base Station operates on a cellular network instead of WiFi.
  • The Base Station has a backup battery supply that can last for up to 24 hours during a power outage.
  • Rechargeable batteries in the Base Station can be replaced if the power outage exceeds 24 hours.
  • The cellular module allows the system to still function if WiFi stops working.
  • Users have the option to use different rechargeable batteries in the Base Station.

Did You Know?

1. SimpliSafe operates on a cellular network, so it can indeed work without Wi-Fi, as long as you have cell service in your area.
2. SimpliSafe has a built-in backup battery that can last up to 24 hours, ensuring your home security system remains functional even during power outages.
3. SimpliSafe’s wireless range is impressive, reaching up to 400 feet, allowing for flexible sensor placement throughout your home.
4. In the event of a break-in, SimpliSafe’s monitoring center can dispatch police to your location within minutes, helping to increase the chances of catching the intruder.
5. SimpliSafe’s sensors use infrared technology to detect motion, making them highly accurate and reliable for detecting any movement within their specified range.

Free Security Camera With Fast Protect™ Plan

When it comes to home security, having a reliable surveillance system is crucial for ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones. SimpliSafe understands the importance of this, which is why they offer a free security camera to all customers who sign up for the Fast Protect™ plan.

This plan, priced at just $29.99 per month, not only covers all the features of the other two plans combined but also includes the added bonus of a complimentary security camera.

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With this free security camera, you can keep a close eye on any potential threats to your home, whether it be burglary, vandalism, or even just checking in on your household while you’re away. The camera recordings can be stored for up to 30 days, allowing you to review any suspicious activities that may have occurred.

This added layer of security sets SimpliSafe apart from other home security systems, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their home is under surveillance.

  • Reliable surveillance system for home security.
  • Free security camera offered with the Fast Protect™ plan.
  • Keep a close eye on potential threats or check in on your household.
  • Camera recordings stored for up to 30 days.
  • Provides peace of mind knowing the home is under surveillance.

Connect SimpliSafe To Alexa Or Google Home With Fast Protect™ Plan

In this modern age of technology, the integration of smart home devices has become increasingly popular. With SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect™ plan, customers have the option to connect their security system to popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This integration allows for a seamless user experience, enabling you to control and monitor your home security system simply by using your voice.

Whether you want to arm or disarm your system, check the status of your security sensors, or receive real-time notifications, the integration with Alexa or Google Home simplifies the process. By leveraging the power of voice commands, you can effortlessly manage your home’s security, making it even more convenient and accessible for you and your family.

24/7 Protection With Backup Battery Supply

One of the most critical aspects of any home security system is its ability to provide continuous protection, even during a power outage. SimpliSafe understands this and ensures that their systems are equipped with backup battery supply to guarantee round-the-clock security.

The base station of SimpliSafe’s security system features a backup battery that can power the station for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage. This means that even if your home loses electricity, your security system will remain operational, keeping you protected when you need it the most.

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This feature is essential since criminals may take advantage of power outages to attempt a break-in. With SimpliSafe, you can rest assured that your home will remain safeguarded during such situations.

Cellular Module Ensures Security Without Wi-Fi

While many home security systems rely on Wi-Fi for communication and connectivity, SimpliSafe takes a step further by incorporating a cellular module into their base station. This cellular module operates on a cellular network rather than Wi-Fi, offering an additional layer of security and ensuring that your home remains protected even if your Wi-Fi stops working.

In the event of a Wi-Fi failure, the SimpliSafe system will seamlessly switch to using the cellular network. This eliminates any vulnerabilities that may arise from a loss of connectivity and ensures that your security system maintains its functionality. By utilizing a cellular network, SimpliSafe guarantees a reliable and secure connection, providing you with peace of mind without the reliance on Wi-Fi.

Ensure Home Protection During Power Outages With Updated Cellular Module

For customers who have been with SimpliSafe since 2019 or earlier, it’s important to note that their cellular module may require an update. This update is crucial to ensure that your home remains protected during a power outage. By updating your cellular module, you can take advantage of the 24/7 protection offered by SimpliSafe, even in prolonged power outages.

In the event that a power outage lasts longer than the 24-hour backup battery supply, SimpliSafe offers a solution. Users can replace the rechargeable batteries in the base station with different rechargeable batteries to extend the system’s power supply. Regular, single-use batteries should not be used as they can harm the device. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your home remains secure and protected, even during extended power outages.

SimpliSafe not only works without Wi-Fi but offers a wide range of features and benefits to ensure your home’s security. With the Fast Protect™ plan, you not only receive a free security camera but also the ability to connect your system to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With 24/7 protection provided by the backup battery supply and the cellular module, SimpliSafe guarantees that your home will remain safe and secure, even during power outages. By updating your cellular module, you can further enhance the protection of your home, ensuring that you have reliable security at all times. So, whether you’re concerned about Wi-Fi reliability or need protection during power outages, SimpliSafe is the answer to your home security needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SimpliSafe work without monthly?

Yes, SimpliSafe can still be used without a monthly fee. Although certain features such as video recording and smart home integration are not available, the Fast Protect™ and Standard Monitoring packages utilize a cellular connection which makes them suitable for homes with unreliable Wi-Fi. So, if you’re looking to save money and don’t need those additional features, SimpliSafe can be a viable option.

Do you need Wi-Fi for SimpliSafe lock?

No, Wi-Fi is not required for the SimpliSafe lock to function. The lock is compatible with the Gen 3 SimpliSafe system and only requires firmware version 1.4 or newer, which can be obtained by connecting the system to Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi itself is not necessary for the lock to operate successfully.

How much Wi-Fi does SimpliSafe use?

SimpliSafe utilizes a moderate amount of Wi-Fi due to its camera’s specialized streaming capability. Unlike phone Wi-Fi chips which offer greater capacity, the camera’s Wi-Fi chips are tailored specifically for streaming purposes. This implies that SimpliSafe requires a maximum of 2 mbps for high-quality 1080p streaming, ensuring efficient data usage without overburdening the Wi-Fi network.

Will SimpliSafe outdoor camera work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the SimpliSafe outdoor camera will still work without Wi-Fi through the use of its cellular backup option. This backup feature ensures that the camera remains operational and continues to record even in the absence of a stable internet connection. With this built-in capability, users can count on the SimpliSafe outdoor camera to provide security and surveillance, regardless of Wi-Fi availability.

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