How to Decorate Around a TV Stand Like a Pro

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand?

To decorate around a TV stand, you can incorporate various elements to enhance the overall aesthetic of the living room.

Some ideas include adding items that match the theme of the room and reflect personal style, such as antique books or metal candle holders for a rustic theme or seashells and sand-colored accessories for a beach house-themed room.

Hanging artwork above the TV stand can draw attention away from the TV, while adding plants can bring depth and life to the room.

Utilizing the above-TV shelf to display favorite decor items can make the space more homey, and incorporating lighting options like candlesticks can create a cozy atmosphere.

Additionally, adding baskets to the TV stand can provide extra storage space, and including a vase with pampas grass can serve as a focal point.

Overall, the key is to personalize the space and showcase your unique style through a combination of decorative elements.

Key Points:

  • Incorporate elements that match the room’s theme and personal style, such as antique books and metal candle holders for a rustic theme or seashells and sand-colored accessories for a beach house-themed room.
  • Hang artwork above the TV stand to draw attention away from the TV.
  • Add plants to bring depth and life to the room.
  • Use the above-TV shelf to display favorite decor items and make the space more homey.
  • Incorporate lighting options like candlesticks to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Add baskets to the TV stand for extra storage and include a vase with pampas grass as a focal point.

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that the concept of a TV stand can be traced back to ancient times? The ancient Egyptians used ornate wooden stands to display their prized possessions, including precious artifacts and statues.

2. In Japan, it is common to see special TV stands that are designed to hide the television when not in use. These stands use a traditional Japanese folding screen called “byōbu” to camouflage the TV, blending it seamlessly into the interior décor.

3. The world’s largest TV stand, as recognized by Guinness World Records, was built in Norway in 2014. It measured a staggering 81 meters (265 feet) tall and was constructed using over 150 tons of steel. The giant TV stand was used to display massive LED screens during outdoor events.

4. One of the most innovative TV stand designs is the “invisible TV stand.” Using advanced technology, this stand incorporates transparent OLED screens that can be disguised as a regular piece of furniture when the TV is turned off. When turned on, the screen becomes visible, offering a unique and futuristic way to decorate around a TV.

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5. A little-known fact is that many TV stands come with built-in sound systems that can rival standalone speakers. These stands are designed with hidden speakers and built-in subwoofers, allowing you to enjoy immersive audio without the need for additional clutter or wires.

Overlooked Tv Stand Decor Ideas

TV stands are often seen as practical pieces of furniture, solely designed to hold televisions and media equipment. However, by incorporating thoughtful decor, they can become stylish focal points in the living room. The key to elevating the TV stand is using items that not only match the theme of the room but also reflect personal style.

One overlooked TV stand decor idea is to incorporate elements that align with the room’s theme. For instance, for a rustic-themed living room, antique books or metal candle holders can be added to the TV stand. This not only adds visual interest but also enhances the overall ambiance of the space. Similarly, for a beach house-themed room, seashells and sand-colored accessories can be placed on the TV stand, bringing a coastal vibe into the living area.

Matching Decor To Room Themes And Personal Style

The decor surrounding a TV stand should seamlessly blend with the theme of the room and reflect the homeowner’s personal style. This attention to detail ensures a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing living space.

When it comes to farmhouse TV stand decor ideas, natural materials like wood play a crucial role. Incorporating wooden elements, such as a reclaimed wood TV stand or wooden crates, creates a warm and inviting farmhouse vibe. Additionally, farmhouse-style accents like vintage signs, cotton stems, and mason jars filled with wildflowers can give the TV stand a charming country feel.

  • Use natural materials like wood for farmhouse TV stand decor
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood or wooden crates for a warm and inviting vibe
  • Add farmhouse-style accents such as vintage signs, cotton stems, and mason jars filled with wildflowers

Farmhouse Tv Stand Decor Ideas

Farmhouse style has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its timeless appeal. To achieve a farmhouse look, consider using elements like burlap and yarn. For instance, draping burlap over the TV stand and adding quaint yarn-wrapped jars filled with fresh flowers can instantly give the space a farmhouse touch.

Moreover, incorporating open shelving in a farmhouse TV stand design allows for the display of farmhouse-themed accessories. Items like galvanized metal planters, vintage-style lanterns, and woven baskets can be placed on the shelves to add visual interest and functional storage.

Artwork Above The Tv Stand

One of the best ways to enhance the TV stand decor is by hanging artwork above it. By placing artwork in this strategic location, attention is drawn away from the TV and onto the artistic display. To create a visually pleasing composition, consider grouping multiple pieces in various sizes and shapes.

  • Artwork can range from paintings and photographs to prints or even sculptural pieces.
  • Choosing pieces that align with the room’s theme or personal preferences will ensure a cohesive look.
  • For example, abstract artwork may be perfect for a contemporary living room, while vintage-inspired prints can add charm to a traditional space.

“Artwork above the TV stand enhances its decor and draws attention to an artistic display.”

The Above-Tv Shelf As A Homey Display

The space above the TV stand is often overlooked, but it can be used to add personality and coziness to the living room. One way to make the above-TV shelf visually appealing is by incorporating framed family photos. This provides a personal touch and reminds everyone of the cherished memories made in the room. Small potted plants, decorative vases, or meaningful trinkets can also be included to further enhance the aesthetics of this space.

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Plants, Clocks, And Candlesticks: Enhancing The Tv Stand Decor

Incorporating plants can breathe life into the TV stand area and add a natural touch to the living room. Plants not only provide visual interest but also improve air quality. Choose plants that fit the space, such as succulents, ferns, or tall potted plants. Their greenery will create depth and a sense of tranquility in the room.

To add style and functionality, consider hanging a clock above the TV stand. This not only serves as a statement decor piece but also helps keep track of time while enjoying your favorite shows. Opt for clocks that match the overall design aesthetic of the room, whether it be modern, vintage, or minimalist.

Candlesticks are another excellent decor option for TV stands. Utilizing candlesticks creates moody lighting and a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a night of relaxation in the living room. Place them strategically around the TV stand, and, during movie nights, they can provide a warm and inviting glow.

In conclusion, TV stands should not be overlooked when it comes to decorating the living room. By incorporating thoughtful decor that matches the room’s theme and personal style, TV stands can become stylish focal points. Whether it be farmhouse-inspired accents, artwork, or incorporating plants and candlesticks, there are numerous ways to elevate the TV stand and create a visually stunning living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What decor to put next to TV stand?

To enhance the visual appeal of your TV stand, consider adding a floating shelf above it with a mix of decorative items. Opt for small potted plants or succulents to bring in a touch of nature and add a refreshing vibe to the space. Pair it with a unique and abstract sculpture or a contemporary art piece to infuse a modern aesthetic. Alternatively, you can hang a statement mirror on the wall adjacent to the TV stand to create a sense of depth and reflect light, making the area feel more spacious and inviting.

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How can I decorate the space around my TV?

To decorate the space around your TV, consider adding sconces on a mantel. This can create a balanced and symmetrical look, as well as provide functional lighting for the area. Another option is to paint the wall behind the TV with a dark color to create contrast and make the TV stand out as a focal point in the room. For a more creative approach, you could also hide the TV with a curtain or blend it with a gallery wall, incorporating the TV as part of the overall design. Additionally, using cabinets or built-ins to flank the TV can create a cohesive and organized look for the space.

How do you style next to a TV unit?

To style next to a TV unit, you can create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement by incorporating elements that soften the sharp lines of both the TV and unit. One approach is to place a sculptural vase or table lamp at either end of the entertainment unit, adding a touch of organic shapes and textures. Additionally, you can curate a collection of ornaments and candles with smooth transitions, strategically placed to create an inviting atmosphere. Don’t overlook the open shelving as well; arrange items here in a visually appealing manner to enhance the overall look and feel of the TV unit area.

Should you hang art above TV?

When considering whether to hang art above a TV, it’s important to strike a balance that allows for a comfortable viewing experience. By positioning the artwork slightly higher than the TV, it reduces strain on the neck while still providing an enjoyable visual arrangement. Additionally, leaving a sufficient gap of at least 6 inches between the TV and the art prevents an overly cluttered or cramped appearance, ensuring that both elements can be appreciated individually without competing for attention.

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