How to Drain LG Washer: Essential Troubleshooting Steps

How to Drain Lg Washer?

To drain an LG washer, follow these steps:

1. Consult the user manual for specific instructions for your LG washer model.

2. Press the Spin button and Start to perform a drain-only cycle.

3. Turn off the washing machine.

4. Unplug the washing machine.

5. Locate and open the service panel.

6. Remove the plug from the drain hose to allow any remaining water to escape.

Key Points:

  • Consult user manual for specific instructions
  • Press Spin button and Start for drain-only cycle
  • Turn off and unplug the washing machine
  • Locate and open the service panel
  • Remove the plug from the drain hose
  • Allow remaining water to escape

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that draining an LG washer can actually help prevent unpleasant odors? The standing water left in the machine after each use can create a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in smelly laundry.

2. In some LG washer models, there is a hidden drain pump filter that needs to be cleaned periodically. This filter collects lint, debris, and other foreign objects that may be present in your laundry, which can affect the machine’s draining ability if neglected.

3. LG washers often offer a specific cycle called “Drain+Spin.” This cycle is useful when you only need to remove excess water from your clothes without going through the complete washing cycle. It can be handy for certain delicate fabrics or when you accidentally pause a regular wash cycle.

4. In modern LG washer models, the drain pump is equipped with a technology called “SmartDiagnosis.” This feature allows the machine to send diagnostic information directly to your smartphone, making it easier for customer support to troubleshoot potential drainage issues remotely.

5. LG washers use a unique method called “tub-to-pump drain” to ensure efficient water drainage. Instead of relying solely on gravity, these machines use a drain pump to forcefully remove water from the tub, ensuring a thorough and speedy drainage process.

Consult The User Manual

When it comes to draining your LG washer, it is important to consult the user manual that came with your specific washer model. While the process may be similar for most LG washers, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you do not damage your machine in any way. The user manual will provide you with detailed and comprehensive instructions on how to drain the washer properly, as well as any specific considerations or precautions you need to take.

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Perform Drain-Only Cycle

To begin the draining process:

  1. Press the Spin button on your LG washer.
  2. Then, press the Start button.
  3. This will initiate a drain-only cycle, efficiently removing excess water from inside the machine.
  4. It is important to note that this cycle may take a few minutes to complete.
  5. Allow it to finish entirely before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Ensure that the majority of the water is eliminated before moving on to further draining steps.

Tip: Allowing the drain-only cycle to complete fully will ensure the effective removal of excess water from your LG washer.

Turn Off The Machine

Once the drain-only cycle has completed, it is vital to turn off the LG washer before proceeding with the next steps. Locate the power button or switch on your machine and switch it off. This step ensures your safety and prevents any potential electrical hazards while working on the washer. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when dealing with any home appliances.

Unplug The Washer

After turning off the machine, it is crucial to unplug the LG washer from the power source. This step is necessary to ensure no electrical current is flowing through the machine while you perform further draining tasks. Unplugging the washer not only guarantees your safety but also helps prevent any accidental mishaps during the process. Always double-check that your machine is completely unplugged before proceeding to avoid any potential electrical issues.

  • Turn off the machine
  • Unplug the LG washer from the power source
  • Double-check that the machine is completely unplugged before proceeding

Open The Service Panel

To access the inner workings of your LG washer, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and open the service panel. The panel is typically found on either the front or back of the machine, depending on the model.
  2. Identify any screws or fastenings that secure the service panel in place. Carefully remove these to detach the panel.
  3. Gently pull the panel away to reveal the internal components of the washer. Take caution to avoid causing any damage to the machine.
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Remember: the service panel is crucial for accessing and maintaining the inner workings of your LG washer.

  • Locate and open the service panel
  • Remove any screws or fastenings carefully
  • Pull the panel away gently to expose the internal components

“Be cautious while removing the service panel, as you don’t want to cause any damage to the machine.”

Remove Drain Hose Plug

With the service panel removed, you can now access the drain hose and effectively drain any remaining water from your LG washer. Locate the drain hose, usually at the bottom of the machine, and remove the plug. By removing the plug, you allow any remaining water inside the machine to escape, preventing any potential leaks or residual moisture that could cause damage or unpleasant odors over time. Ensure you have a bucket or a towel ready to catch the water as it drains out.

Blockquote: Draining an LG washer requires following a specific set of steps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Always consult the user manual, perform a drain-only cycle, turn off the machine, unplug the washer, open the service panel, and remove the drain hose plug. By following these essential troubleshooting steps, you can effectively drain your LG washer and prevent any potential issues in the future. Remember to prioritize safety at all times and be cautious when working with electrical appliances.

  • Follow the user manual for specific instructions
  • Perform a drain-only cycle
  • Turn off the machine
  • Unplug the washer
  • Open the service panel
  • Remove the drain hose plug

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I force my washing machine to drain?

If your washing machine is not draining, there are several steps you can take to potentially resolve the issue. First, try running the spin cycle, as this may help to force the machine to drain any excess water. If this does not work, you can turn off the power and water supply to the machine and then remove and check the drain hose for any clogs or blockages. Additionally, you can try tilting the machine to see if gravity alone will help it drain. If these efforts do not succeed, it may be necessary to inspect the inner workings of the machine or check the drain pipe for any obstructions. If all else fails, you may need to manually drain the machine or seek assistance from a professional service.

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How do I drain my washing machine while on the cycle?

To drain your washing machine while on the cycle, locate the “Start/Pause” button on your machine and press it. Allow a few minutes for the washer to complete draining the water from the drum before it unlocks the door. Once the door is unlocked, you can open it and proceed with any necessary modifications to the cycle. This process ensures a safe and efficient drainage before making any changes to the wash cycle.

Is there a drain option on washing machine?

Yes, washing machines typically have a drain option to remove water from the tub during the spin cycle. A washer pump is responsible for forcing the water from the bottom of the appliance into the drain hose. This drain hose is designed in a looped manner, traveling to the top of the machine and then down to the drain, allowing the tub to fill and drain efficiently.

Does spin only drain water?

No, the Spin Only cycle in an LG washing machine can also remove excess water from other items besides clothing. Whether it’s soaking wet towels or a sopping mop, this cycle proves useful in efficiently draining additional water from various items. With its powerful spin action, it ensures that items are left relatively dryer, making it a versatile feature for any water extraction needs beyond clothing.

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