Smooth Out Pool Liner Wrinkles: Quick and Easy Fixes

To get wrinkles out of a pool liner, use a pool vacuum or fill the pool and let the water pressure smooth out the wrinkles. Wrinkles in a pool liner can be unsightly and affect the pool’s performance, especially during the swimming season.

Addressing the problem as soon as it arises can prevent further damage to the liner and save money in the long run. Fortunately, getting rid of wrinkles in a pool liner can be done easily without professional help. In this article, we will walk you through some of the most efficient ways to get wrinkles out of your pool liner.

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, our tips will be useful in restoring the liner’s smooth and pristine look.

Understanding Pool Liner Wrinkles

Pool liners add an aesthetic appeal to the pool, making it look more inviting and appealing to swimmers. However, wrinkles on pool liners can create an eyesore and make the pool appear neglected. It is essential to fix any wrinkles as soon as possible to ensure that they do not affect the pool’s functionality.

In this section, we will discuss what causes pool liner wrinkles and how they impact the pool’s appearance and functionality.

What Causes Pool Liner Wrinkles?

Several factors can cause wrinkles on a pool liner. Here are some of the most common:

  • Poor installation: If the liner is not installed correctly, it can have wrinkles from the beginning.
  • Age: Over time, the liner may stretch and sag, leading to wrinkles.
  • Water chemistry: Imbalanced water chemistry can lead to liner shrinkage and wrinkles.
  • Ground shifting: Soil expansion or contraction can create wrinkles in the liner.

How Do They Impact The Pool’s Appearance And Functionality?

Wrinkles on a pool liner can impact the pool’s appearance and functionality in several ways, such as;

  • Appearance: They make the pool look old, worn-out, and neglected.
  • Safety: Wrinkles in the liner can create bumps, which can be a trip hazard for swimmers.
  • Maintenance: Wrinkles in the liner can make cleaning and maintaining the pool more challenging.
  • Lifespan: Liner wrinkles can shorten the pool liner’s lifespan by creating tears and holes, causing leaks.

Ensure that you fix any wrinkles on your pool liner as soon as possible to prevent further damage and extend the liner’s lifespan.

Identifying Different Types Of Pool Liner Wrinkles

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, wrinkles on the liner can often occur and can be a cause of concern. It is essential to identify the cause of wrinkles on your pool liner to prevent any further damage.

Here are some common types of pool liner wrinkles and how to identify them:

Surface Wrinkles

Surface wrinkles usually occur due to the pool liner’s aging process, sun exposure, and weather conditions. Surface wrinkles are shallow and can have a maximum height of 1/16 to 1/8 inches. Here are the key points to identify surface wrinkles:

  • Shallow wrinkles on the pool liner’s surface.
  • Surface wrinkles are not permanent and can be removed by smoothing them out using your hands or any flat object.
  • Surface wrinkles don’t pose any significant problem to the pool or cause any further damage.
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Corner Wrinkles

Corner wrinkles usually occur when the pool liner doesn’t fit correctly and the corners remain loose. When this happens, water pressure pushes the liner and forms wrinkles, which can lead to tearing or puncturing of the liner. Here are the key points to identify corner wrinkles:

  • Wrinkles on the corners of the pool liner.
  • Corners can appear lifted or loose.
  • If you notice corner wrinkles, the pool liner may need to be re-installed or replaced.

Stretch Wrinkles

Stretch wrinkles are created when the pool liner is fitted too tightly or stretched beyond its limit during installation. These wrinkles are usually deep and long and can cause significant damage to the liner. Here are the key points to identify stretch wrinkles:

  • Deep and long wrinkles on the pool liner.
  • Stretch wrinkles won’t disappear by smoothing them out using your hands.
  • If you notice stretch wrinkles, the pool liner may need to be re-installed or replaced.


Creases form when the pool liner is not properly installed, and water pressure creates folds, leading to wrinkles. Long-term exposure to sunlight can make creases permanent, reducing the pool liner’s lifespan. Here are the key points to identify creases:

  • Folds or wrinkles that are permanent and deep.
  • Creases usually appear near the middle or maximum depth of the pool.
  • Creases can cause significant damage to the pool liner if left unaddressed.

Prevention is always better than cure, and it’s essential to identify the type of wrinkles and take prompt action to restore your pool liner’s integrity. If you notice wrinkles on your pool liner, the best course of action is to contact a professional pool liner installer or a pool specialist to assess the damage and recommend the best solution.

Quick Fixes For Minor Pool Liner Wrinkles

Swimming in a pool is an enjoyable activity for many people, but a wrinkled pool liner can spoil the fun. Wrinkles in a pool liner can be caused by improper installation or water pressure. Do not let pool liner wrinkles ruin your day; instead, try quick fixes to restore the liner to its original state.

This article explores three effective quick fixes to eliminate minor pool liner wrinkles.

Using A Pool Brush To Straighten Out Wrinkles

If you have noticed some minor wrinkles in your pool liner, a pool brush can eliminate them in no time. You do not need any expertise to carry it out. Here are the key steps:

  • Wear your swimming pool shoes before stepping into the pool.
  • Identify the wrinkles and smooth them out with your hands.
  • Use the pool brush to push the wrinkle towards the edge of the pool.
  • Apply pressure from the center of the wrinkle towards the edge to flatten it out.
  • Repeat the process until you eliminate all wrinkles.

Adjusting Water Pressure To Reduce Wrinkles

Excess water pressure can cause wrinkles on the pool liner. Reducing water pressure can permanently fix minor wrinkles. Here are the key steps:

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  • Turn off the pool pump and switch off the power supply.
  • Unscrew the pressure gauge and install a t-adapter between it and the filter.
  • Screw the gauge onto the t-adapter.
  • Reconnect the power supply and turn on the pump.
  • Adjust the valve to decrease the pressure if the pressure gauge reading is too high.
  • Check the pool liner for any remaining wrinkles.
  • Repeat the process if necessary.

Using A Hairdryer To Smooth Out Minor Wrinkles

A hairdryer can be an effective quick fix to smooth out minor wrinkles on your pool liner. It is suitable for smaller areas on which the wrinkles cannot be eliminated with the pool brush. Here are the key steps:

  • Fill the area with some hot water to make the pool liner soft and pliable.
  • Point the hairdryer at the wrinkled area and slowly move it back and forth until the wrinkled area smooths out.
  • Repeat the process until you eliminate all wrinkles.

By following these quick fixes, you can get rid of minor pool liner wrinkles easily. These are some simple, cost-effective methods that will save you time and money from having to replace the liner. Always ensure that you take good care of your pool to avoid any unforeseen issues.

Easy Fixes For Major Pool Liner Wrinkles

A wrinkled pool liner can be a headache for any pool owner. But don’t worry, there are easy fixes to remove these wrinkles. Here are some options to choose from:

Draining The Pool And Resetting The Liner

If the wrinkles are major, you may need to reset the liner. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Draining the pool: The first step is to drain the pool water slowly. If you have a large pool, we recommend hiring a pool technician to help you drain the pool.
  • Removing the wrinkles: Once the pool is empty, you can remove the wrinkles with ease. Use a plunger to push out the wrinkles.
  • Resetting the liner: Once the wrinkles are removed, reposition the liner where you want it to be and fill the pool back up.

Calling A Professional To Re-Install The Liner

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, or if the wrinkles are extensive, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Here’s what to do:

  • Choose a professional: Look for a reputable pool liner installer in your area, and ask friends or neighbors for referrals.
  • Getting an estimate: Call the professional and ask for an estimate. The installer will inspect the pool and the liner to determine the extent of the damage, and give you an estimate.
  • Scheduling the appointment: Once you’re satisfied with the estimate, schedule the appointment to have the professional installer come and re-install the liner.

Remember, taking care of your pool liner means you keep your pool in the best condition, and ensure that it lasts for years to come.

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Preventing Pool Liner Wrinkles

Pool liners are an essential part of your swimming pool that provide protection and add beauty to your backyard oasis. But wrinkles in your pool liner can be an annoying problem, spoiling the pool’s appearance. Here are some handy tips that can help you prevent pool liner wrinkles:

Maintaining Proper Water Levels

Maintaining proper water levels is essential to preventing pool liner wrinkles. The following are some crucial things to keep in mind:

  • Do not overfill the pool. Running your pump with too much water can lead to liner stretching, which can cause wrinkles to form.
  • Make sure that the water level is at least halfway up the skimmer so that your pump can operate correctly.
  • During the off-season, keep the water level about six inches below the skimmer to prevent the freezing of your water.

Properly Winterizing The Pool

Winterizing your pool is a critical aspect of preventing pool liner wrinkles. The following tips can help:

  • Start preparing your pool for winter at the end of the swim season. The earlier, the better.
  • Clean off any debris that has accumulated on the cover before closing your pool.
  • Ensure that the cover fits correctly and is fitted tightly to prevent wind from blowing it off.
  • For an added layer of protection, consider adding an air pillow under the cover, which can help distribute any stress or weight throughout the pool.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your pool in good condition and prevent pool liner wrinkles. The following are some crucial tips:

  • Regularly skim the pool’s surface to remove debris such as leaves and bugs to prevent liner damage caused by sharp objects.
  • Brush and vacuum the walls and floor of your pool each week to remove dirt and algae buildup.
  • Shock your pool regularly to keep your chemicals balanced.
  • Hire professional maintenance service yearly to keep your pool in top shape.

Pool liner wrinkles can be prevented with proper maintenance of water levels, winterizing, and regular cleaning. With these tips, you can keep your pool looking great season after season and prevent frustrating wrinkles from forming on your pool liner.


With the right tools and techniques, getting wrinkles out of your pool liner can be a simple task to tackle. From using a pool vacuum, roller, or inflatable pillow to applying heat or simply draining and refilling your pool, there are several effective ways to smooth out your liner and get it looking like new again.

It’s important to be cautious when using heat and to seek professional help if needed. Additionally, regular pool maintenance and upkeep can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles in the first place. By taking the time to care for your pool and address any issues quickly and effectively, you can enjoy a beautiful, smooth pool year-round.

So don’t let pesky wrinkles ruin your pool experience- try out these tips and enjoy a perfect, wrinkle-free pool all season long.

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