How to Hang Clothes in Closet Like an Organizational Pro!

How to Hang Clothes in Closet?

To hang clothes in a closet effectively, follow these tips for optimal organization: face items in the same direction for a streamlined look, order clothes from short to long, fold longer garments to prevent dragging, color code items for easy visibility, place bulky items on the lower rack, start each section with empty hangers, use space-saving techniques, consider using vacuum bags for out-of-season clothes, store accessories separately, use dividers and shelf risers for enhanced organization, display or use trays and organizers for jewelry, use shelves or drop-front shoe boxes for shoes, store sandals and flip-flops in a concealed bin or basket, fold or roll socks and store them in drawers or baskets, avoid hanging belts as they tend to warp, display hats on shelves or available wall space, roll ties and place them in a drawer, regularly tidy up the closet, and do laundry in small loads for easier folding and hanging.

Key Points:

  • Face clothes in the same direction for a streamlined look
  • Order clothes from short to long
  • Fold longer garments to prevent dragging
  • Color code items for easy visibility
  • Place bulky items on lower rack
  • Use space-saving techniques and consider using vacuum bags for out-of-season clothes

Did You Know?

1. The first patent for the clothes hanger was issued in 1903, invented by Albert J. Parkhouse, who was just 15 years old at the time.
2. The average American spends around 1.5 years of their life looking for misplaced items, and a significant amount of that time is often spent searching for clothes in disorganized closets.
3. Did you know that hanging clothes with space between them can actually help prevent wrinkles? Giving garments room to breathe allows air circulation, reducing the chance of creases and creating a neater appearance.
4. The color of your hangers can influence your perception of your wardrobe. Using uniform hangers in the same color helps create a visually cohesive closet, giving the illusion that you have a more organized and stylish clothing collection.
5. According to Feng Shui principles, hanging clothes in a particular order can bring positive energy into your life. The recommended sequence is to hang clothes from light to dark colors, followed by heavier materials to lighter ones. This arrangement is believed to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere in your closet.

Face Items In The Same Direction For A Streamlined Look

When it comes to organizing your closet, facing items in the same direction is one of the easiest and most effective tips. This simple technique not only creates a streamlined look, but also saves time when searching for specific items. By having your clothes facing the same way, you can quickly scan your wardrobe without the need to flip through each hanger. Additionally, it maximizes the space in your closet, allowing you to fit more items within the same area.

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To achieve this organized look, begin by hanging your clothes on the hangers so that the front of each item faces you. If you have multiple hangers with clothes, take a moment to ensure they are all facing the same way. By developing this habit early on, maintaining a uniform appearance in your closet will become second nature.

Order Clothes From Short To Long For An Organized Appearance

Another essential tip for hanging clothes in your closet is to order them from short to long. This method not only creates an organized appearance but also helps you quickly assess your outfit options.

Imagine a closet where your pants are intermingled with your dresses, blouses, and shirts. It would be a challenge to locate the exact piece you need.

Instead, begin by hanging your shorter garments, such as tops and blouses, on one side of your closet. As you move to the other side, gradually hang longer items such as dresses and coats. By arranging your clothes in this way, you will avoid the hassle of sifting through various lengths to find what you need.

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Additionally, this technique helps to make better use of your closet space, as you can easily identify any unused areas for additional storage.

  • Order clothes from short to long for an organized appearance
  • Quickly assess your outfit options
  • Avoid the hassle of searching for specific pieces
  • Make better use of your closet space by identifying unused areas.

Fold Longer Garments To Prevent Dragging

When dealing with longer garments that tend to touch the floor when hung, it is best to fold them instead. Hanging maxi dresses, evening gowns, or long cardigans can lead to creases and damage. To maintain their shape and prevent dragging, it is advisable to fold them neatly and store them on a shelf or in a drawer.

When folding longer garments, the aim is to avoid bulky creases. Start by placing the longest part of the garment at the bottom and folding it in half lengthwise. Then, carefully fold the item into thirds or quarters, depending on its size. Once folded, store these items in a specific area of your closet, ensuring they are easily accessible while staying in excellent condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best order to hang clothes in closet?

The best order to hang clothes in a closet is to face all items in the same direction for a streamlined look. Start organizing from short to long, ensuring that short sleeves go first and then proceed to elbow-length sleeves, etc. Folding longer garments over the hanger is essential to prevent dragging and catching. Additionally, color coding the items makes it easier to locate and put them back in the closet. By following these steps, your closet will become an organized and efficient space for your clothes.

Is there a correct way to hang clothes in closet?

Yes, there is a correct way to hang clothes in a closet. It is important to hang clothing so that it faces in the same direction. By aligning the clothing in the direction you approach your closet, it creates a more organized and efficient system. This simple step allows for easier interaction with your wardrobe, making it effortless to find and select the clothes you need. Overall, hanging clothes in the same direction not only adds a touch of tidiness to your closet but also streamlines your daily clothing routine.

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Is it best to fold or hang jeans?

When it comes to deciding whether to fold or hang jeans, it is generally best to fold them. Unless you are facing a shortage of drawer space, folding jeans helps maintain their shape and prevents any potential stretching or sagging. The same principle applies to shorts as well. While it is possible to hang them if drawer space is limited, folding them will help preserve their structure in the long run.

What goes first in a closet?

When organizing a closet, the first step would be to tackle the hanging clothes. Start by arranging them in a logical and practical manner, sorting them by type or color. Once the hanging clothes are in order, it is time to shift focus to the dresser. Carefully consider which items are frequently worn and should be kept within easy reach. These beloved pieces take priority in the organization process, ensuring that your favorite clothes are readily accessible. As for items that you cherish but haven’t worn recently, they can be placed in a “try on” pile. This allows you to reassess their fit and determine if they still suit you, making way for a more efficient and clutter-free closet.

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