How to Hide Electric Meter on House: Ingenious Camouflaging Techniques & Aesthetic Solutions

How to Hide Electric Meter on House?

To hide an electric meter on a house and improve curb appeal, there are several options.

One approach is to use plants, such as tall trees or evergreens, placed at least 2 feet away from the meter.

Hanging plants from hooks above the meter can also effectively cover the view.

Another option is to create a planter wall with multiple smaller plants that can be easily removed when necessary.

A trellis with climbing plants or a rose bush can also be used to hide the meter.

Additionally, options like using an outdoor storage cabinet, painting the meter to match the house, or adding decorative elements like a gate or window shutters can be considered.

It is important to leave 2 feet of clearance for easy access and adjust the methods to fit individual needs.

Key Points:

  • Use plants like tall trees or evergreens, placed at least 2 feet away from the meter
  • Hang plants from hooks above the meter to cover the view
  • Create a planter wall with smaller plants that can be easily removed
  • Use a trellis with climbing plants or a rose bush to hide the meter
  • Consider options like an outdoor storage cabinet, painting the meter to match the house, or adding decorative elements
  • Leave 2 feet of clearance for easy access and adapt the methods to individual needs.

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that in certain countries, it is illegal to hide or camouflage an electric meter on a house? The meter must always be visible and easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

2. Electric meters are often installed on the exterior of houses to measure the amount of electricity consumed. These meters are typically located near the main electrical panel or in a dedicated meter box.

3. In some cases, homeowners have creatively disguised their electric meters as outdoor decorations or fixtures, such as birdhouses, faux rocks, or even small garden sheds. However, it is important to check local regulations before attempting to hide your electric meter in this manner.

4. Electric meter hiding techniques can actually hinder accurate meter readings, which could lead to incorrect billing or electrical issues. It’s crucial to consider the potential negative consequences of hiding your electric meter before doing so.

5. If you are concerned about the appearance of your electric meter, you can explore other options such as painting it in a color that matches your house or landscaping around it to make it blend in more aesthetically with the surroundings. Always ensure, however, that the meter remains clearly visible to utility company personnel.

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Plants As Natural Concealers

The front of a house is the first thing people see, and an unsightly electric meter can detract from the overall curb appeal. Using plants as natural concealers can effectively hide the meter while adding beauty to the surroundings. However, it is important to ensure that the plants are placed at least 2 feet away from the meter to allow for easy access.

Large potted plants can provide an elegant solution. Strategically placed, these plants can be moved whenever access to the meter is needed. Taller plants like trees or evergreens can also be used to effectively hide the meter. Their height and density provide ample coverage while still allowing easy access for meter readings or maintenance.

Another effective method is hanging plants from hooks above the meter. These plants create a cascading effect that covers the view of the meter, adding a touch of natural beauty to the area.

Portable Solutions With Potted Plants

For homeowners who require regular access to their electric meter, portable solutions with potted plants are an ideal option. Large potted plants, placed on wheeled platforms, offer a practical way to easily conceal or reveal the meter as needed.

With this portable solution, the homeowner can ensure unobstructed access to the meter whenever necessary. The ease of moving the large potted plants allows homeowners to preserve the visual attractiveness of their front yard while maintaining convenient access to the meter.

Adding Height With Trees And Evergreens

If a more permanent and year-round solution is desired, using trees or evergreens to add height to the landscape can effectively hide the electric meter. These tall and dense plants provide continuous coverage, ensuring that the meter is hidden regardless of the season.

Not only do trees and evergreens effectively conceal the meter, but they also add visual interest to the front yard. Choosing species that complement the overall style of the house and surrounding landscape will create a cohesive and attractive appearance.

Hang And Hide With Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a creative and natural solution to conceal the electric meter. By suspending plants from hooks above the meter, the view of the meter is obscured and replaced by a captivating cascade of foliage.

Plants with long vines or trailing leaves, such as pothos or spider plants, are especially effective for this purpose. Their abundant foliage elegantly hangs down, creating an attractive focal point while effectively concealing the meter from sight.

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Versatile Planter Walls For Quick Cover-Ups

Planter walls are a quick and versatile solution for hiding the electric meter. By adding a few small potted plants, the planter wall can easily be hung or leaned against the home, effectively concealing the meter while adding a touch of greenery.

These planter walls allow for customization to fit the homeowner’s preferences and can be easily removed when access to the meter is necessary. Using a variety of small potted plants, homeowners can create a visually appealing arrangement that complements the overall design of the front yard.

  • Planter walls are a quick and versatile solution
  • Easily hide the electric meter
  • Hang or lean against the home
  • Add a touch of greenery
  • Customizable to fit preferences
  • Easily removable when access is required
  • Create visually appealing arrangement
  • Complement the front yard design

Trellises And Climbing Plants As Camouflage

Trellises combined with climbing plants not only add beauty to a front yard, but also serve as effective camouflage for the electric meter. By installing a trellis near the meter and training climbing plants, such as a rose bush or a vine, to grow along it, the meter can be effortlessly hidden. This method adds charm and elegance to the front yard, as the climbing plants with their vibrant flowers or cascading foliage provide a visually appealing alternative to the plain meter. The meter is transformed into a focal point that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape.

In conclusion, homeowners have a range of options to choose from when it comes to hiding an electric meter on the front of their house. From using plants as natural concealers to incorporating portable potted plants and trees for added height, there are various ingenious camouflaging techniques and aesthetic solutions available. Hanging plants, planter walls, and trellises with climbing plants are also effective cover-up options. By implementing these techniques, homeowners can enhance their curb appeal while discreetly hiding the electric meter.

  • Using trellises and climbing plants
  • Incorporating vibrant flowers or cascading foliage
  • Utilizing hanging plants, planter walls, and portable potted plants
  • Choosing trees for added height

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover an electrical meter?

Yes, it is possible to cover an electrical meter, but there are certain guidelines and clearances that need to be followed to ensure compliance with both the Utility Company and the Municipality AHJ. To achieve a visually appealing effect, you can install a screen, but it must meet all the necessary clearances and regulations set by the authorities in your local area. It is crucial to reach out to both the Utility Company and the Municipality AHJ to obtain the specific local statutes and guidelines pertaining to covering electrical meters. Additionally, if you live in a community with a homeowner’s association (HOA), it is advisable to consult them as well to ensure compliance with any additional regulations or requirements they may have. By communicating with each authority and understanding the local regulations, you can proceed with confidence in effectively and aesthetically covering the electrical meter.

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How do you camouflage your electric meter?

In addition to planting tall grasses and hollyhocks, another effective way to camouflage your electric meter is by utilizing an artificial rock cover. These covers are specifically designed to resemble natural rocks, ensuring that your meter blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Available in different sizes and colors, these covers not only provide excellent camouflage but also offer protection against weather elements, ensuring the longevity of your meter. With the combination of clever landscaping and the discreet placement of an artificial rock cover, you can effectively conceal your electric meter, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

How do I hide the meter box on the front of my house?

One creative way to conceal a meter box on the front of your house is by using a custom-made slipcover. Instead of simply planting shrubs around it, you can create a slipcover using beadboard and top it with a charming birdhouse. This not only hides the unsightly box but also adds a decorative element to your front yard. The slipcover with beadboard provides a clean and seamless look while the birdhouse adds a touch of whimsy and blends it with the surrounding natural elements. Additionally, this solution allows easy access to the meter box when needed, ensuring functionality and convenience.

How do I hide my electric meter in my hallway?

To conceal your electric meter in the hallway, consider installing a custom-built, wall-mounted panel that seamlessly blends with your interior decor. This panel can be crafted from materials like reclaimed wood or sleek, minimalist designs, providing a stylish and functional solution. By incorporating shelves or additional storage space within the panel, you can optimize the hallway’s functionality while effectively disguising the electric meter. An added benefit of this approach is the ability to easily access the meter whenever needed for maintenance or readings.

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