How to Install Mr Cool Mini Split: StepbyStep Guide and Tips

How to Install Mr Cool Mini Split?

To install the Mr Cool Mini Split, follow these eight steps:

Find the installation location and unpack the indoor unit to ensure all necessary parts are available.


Install the mounting template and attach the mounting plate to the wall using the provided hardware, ensuring it is level.


Drill a 3.5-inch hole through the wall and push the provided wall sleeve through.


Feed the communication wires, refrigerant lines, and drain hose through the wall sleeve.


Connect the air handler to the wall and bend the refrigerant lines outside.


Add protective neoprene and sound reducing pads to the line set connections.


Connect the refrigerant lines tightly using two wrenches and open the valves on the condenser.


Wire the unit according to the instructions, insert the MRCOOL Smart Controller, and install the air filters.

For any installation-related questions, contact customer support at 1-800-934-9194.

Key Points:

  • Find installation location and unpack indoor unit
  • Install mounting template and attach mounting plate to wall
  • Drill hole and insert wall sleeve
  • Feed wires, lines, and hose through wall sleeve
  • Connect air handler to wall and bend lines outside
  • Add neoprene and sound reducing pads to line set connections

Did You Know?

1. The first known air conditioning system was created by ancient Egyptians around 2,500 BCE. They used a series of aqueducts and waterwheels to distribute cool air throughout their homes.

2. The term “mini split” refers to the type of air conditioning system that allows for individual control of the temperature in different zones or rooms, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient option.

3. Did you know that Mr Cool Mini Split systems are often referred to as “ductless” because they don’t require the use of traditional ductwork? Instead, they use small tubes that connect the indoor and outdoor units, making installation easier and more versatile.

4. The inventor of the modern air conditioning system, Willis Carrier, filed his patent for the first air conditioner in 1902. His invention was initially designed to control humidity levels in a printing press, but it quickly led to advancements in cooling technology for comfort purposes.

5. Mini split systems are designed to be quieter than traditional air conditioning units. Their indoor and outdoor units are separated, allowing for reduced noise transmission and making them ideal for bedrooms, offices, or any space where quiet operation is desired.

Introduction: Overview Of The Mrcool Diy 3Rd Generation Mini Split Installation Process

Installing a Mr Cool Mini Split can be a straightforward and manageable task if you follow the correct steps. The Mr Cool DIY 3rd Generation Mini Split provides an excellent solution for those looking to cool or heat their spaces efficiently and effectively. This article aims to provide a step-by-step guide on how to install this mini split system, designed for quick and convenient do-it-yourself installation.

Required Tools: List Of Tools Needed For Installation

Before starting the installation process for the Mr Cool Mini Split, it is crucial to have all the necessary tools ready. Here is a list of tools you will need:

  • Stud finder: Used to locate studs in the wall for secure mounting.
  • Drill: Needed to drill holes for the mounting plate and to pass wires through.
  • Level: Ensures the mounting plate is plumb and level.
  • 3.5-inch hole saw: Used to create a hole through the wall for the wall sleeve.
  • Adjustable wrench: Required for tightening the refrigerant line connections.
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Step-By-Step Guide: Eight Detailed Steps For Installing The Mini Split

To ensure a successful installation of the Mr Cool Mini Split, follow these eight detailed steps:

1. Finding the installation location: Identify the area where you want to install the Mr Cool Mini Split. Consider factors such as positioning and accessibility.

2. Installing the mounting template: Use the provided wall template to accurately position the mounting plate on the wall. Make sure to use the included hardware to secure the mounting plate in place.

3. Preparing the wall sleeve: Drill a 3.5-inch hole through the wall using the hole saw. Push the wall sleeve provided into the hole until it is flush against the interior wall.

4. Mounting the air handler: Connect the air handler to the wall, ensuring it aligns with the mounting plate. Secure it tightly using the provided screws.

5. Setting up refrigerant lines: Bend the refrigerant lines provided so that they extend straight out from the wall. Pass the communication wires, refrigerant lines, and the drain hose through the wall sleeve.

6. Wiring the unit: Follow the detailed instructions provided by Mr Cool to correctly wire the unit. Incorrect wiring can result in performance issues or even damage to the unit.

7. Finishing up: Insert the MRCOOL Smart Controller into the designated slot to have full control of the mini split system using your smartphone. Install the air filters provided inside the indoor air handler for improved air quality.

– Additional steps for improved installation:

– Ensure proper insulation around the refrigerant lines to prevent condensation.
– Test the system to ensure it is running smoothly and the air handler is distributing cool air effectively.
– Regularly clean and maintain the air filters to optimize the system’s performance and prolong its lifespan.
– Consider professional help if you encounter any difficulties during the installation process.

Note: Always refer to the user manual and guidelines provided by Mr Cool for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.

Outdoor And Indoor Unit Matching: Importance Of Matching The Units And Unpacking For Required Parts

To ensure a successful installation, it is crucial to accurately match the outdoor and indoor units. This ensures compatibility and optimizes performance. Before proceeding with the installation process, carefully unpack both units and inspect them to confirm that all required parts are available and in good condition. Additionally, it is important to refer to the user manual to identify and understand the components involved.

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Wall Template And Mounting: Instructions For Using The Wall Template And Attaching The Mounting Plate

The article provides a wall template to guide you in placing the indoor air handler. Carefully align the template with your chosen installation location, ensuring it is level. Use a drill and the included hardware to attach the mounting plate to the wall securely. It is vital to ensure the mounting plate is level to guarantee the proper installation of the mini split system.

  • Align the wall template with the chosen installation location
  • Ensure the wall template is level
  • Use a drill and the included hardware to attach the mounting plate securely

Proper and level installation of the mounting plate is essential for the successful installation of the mini split system.

Final Steps: Connecting The Refrigerant Lines, Wiring The Unit, And Additional Installation Tips

Once the air handler is securely mounted, the refrigerant lines need to be connected. It is essential to bend the refrigerant lines outside, towards the outdoor unit. Use neoprene and sound-reducing pads provided to protect the line set connections and minimize vibration and noise. Connect the refrigerant lines tightly, using two wrenches for proper tightening.

After connecting the refrigerant lines, open the valves on the condenser using an Allen wrench. Carefully inspect all connections for potential leaks using soapy water, which will reveal any air bubbles. Wrap the refrigerant line connections with vinyl tape for added protection.

To complete the installation, wire the unit according to the detailed instructions provided. Insert the MRCOOL Smart Controller into the designated slot for convenient control of the mini split system using your smartphone. Lastly, install the provided air filters inside the indoor air handler to enhance indoor air quality.

These final steps, along with the tips provided in the user manual, will ensure the successful installation of your Mr Cool Mini Split system.

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For any further installation-related questions or assistance, you can reach out to the Mr Cool customer support hotline at 1-800-934-9194.

In conclusion, installing the Mr Cool Mini Split is a handy project for those looking to cool or heat their spaces efficiently. By carefully following the step-by-step guide and using the required tools, you can tackle this installation with confidence. Remember to match the outdoor and indoor units, unpack all required parts, and utilize the wall template to ensure a smooth installation process. With proper installation, you’ll be enjoying the comfort of your Mr Cool Mini Split system in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to install mr cool mini split?

The installation process for the Mr Cool Mini Split typically takes approximately two days to complete. With the new DIY system offered by Mr Cool, it is now possible to install the mini split entirely on your own. However, it is important to ensure that you have a secure and sturdy mounting area for the outdoor unit before proceeding with the installation.

Can I install mini split myself?

Installing a mini split yourself is definitely feasible, thanks to its compact and straightforward design. These systems typically come with minimal parts and installation steps, making it accessible for anyone to handle. However, it’s worth noting that certain variations may demand more effort and could benefit from professional assistance. In such cases, seeking the intervention of experts would ensure a smoother and more efficient installation process. Nonetheless, if you’re dealing with a basic mini split system, you can certainly take on the installation yourself with confidence.

Can you install Mr Cool mini split on interior wall?

Yes, the Mr Cool mini split can be installed on an interior wall. However, it is important to note that this installation process is more complex and challenging compared to mounting it on an exterior wall. The interior wall installation requires more involvement and expertise to ensure proper placement and functionality of the system. It is advisable to seek professional assistance to guarantee a successful and efficient installation in such cases.

How much electricity does a Mr Cool mini split use?

The Mr Cool mini split unit is designed to be energy-efficient, operating at a SEER rating of 25. This means it can consume as little as 288 watts per hour up to a maximum of 1,480 watts per hour. This low power consumption makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for cooling your space.

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