How to Microwave Fries: The Best Way to Reheat Them

How to Microwave Fries: The Best Way to Reheat Them

Craving a crunchy side dish that’s both delicious and easy to make? You don’t need to slave over a stove to enjoy french fries – all you need is your trusty microwave! I’m here to show you how to microwave fries so you can indulge in crispy, golden goodness any night of the week.


Microwaving french fries is fast, easy and hassle-free. It also offers tasty results, with fries coming out crisp on the outside and tender in the middle. When microwaving french fries, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to cut your potatoes into uniform pieces; otherwise they will cook unevenly
  • Be sure to use a microwave-safe dish that can be covered; this will help trap the steam as the potatoes cook
  • Always keep an eye on your fries as they cook or they will burn or dry out quickly
  • If you make too many for one meal, you can always re-crisp them in the microwave for a later time

Follow these simple tips for microwaving your own perfect French Fries! Of course, you can also follow a recipe for more delicious options like cheesy fries or chili cheese fries. The possibilities are truly endless!

Choosing the Right Type of Fries

When it comes to microwaving fries, the type of fry matters. For best results, choose a pre-made frozen variety that’s specifically made for the microwave, as they tend to cook more evenly and become more crisp than those made from fresh potatoes. Not sure which to choose? Look for brands that are labeled “microwave-ready” or “quick cooking.”

In addition to pre-made varieties, you can purchase frozen bags of spiral cut potatoes that can be microwaved in minutes for a crispy side dish. If you prefer a homemade option, try cutting potatoes into thicker pieces (1/4-inch thick) and stacking them in rows on a microwave-safe plate or baking sheet. Cover with plastic wrap and heat for about 6 minutes, then remove the plastic wrap and turn over for an additional 4 minutes of cooking time. Just be sure not to overcrowd the plate, since this will slow down the cooking process.

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Preparing the Fries

Before you place the fries in the microwave, there are a few important steps to ensure optimal results:

  1. Create an even layer of fries in the microwave-safe dish or on a plate. Spread out any clumps and separate any double-stacked potatoes so that each fry has room on either side to be cooked properly. You can also season your fries with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and other spices before popping them in the microwave if desired.
  2. Cover the fries before microwaving. This helps keep moisture circulating around them while they cook which will help prevent them from drying out or becoming tough and chewy. A damp paper towel is perfect for this purpose – simply drape it over the top of your dish and secure with small dishes or plates if needed.

Microwave Settings

When microwaving fries, it is important to use the correct settings to ensure that the end product is crispy. If the fries are cooked at too high of a power level, they will become too soft. Make sure to spread the fries out in an even layer on a microwave-safe dish or plate prior to cooking them. Adjust your power level and cook time accordingly – generally speaking, one cup of frozen crinkle-cut fries should cook for four minutes on 50% power.

To check if your fries are done, remove them and lightly tap the center with a fork or spoon; if they’re still crispy and taste done, then enjoy!

Cooking the Fries

It is important to cook the fries in stages, ensuring that they are cooked evenly. The general rule of thumb is to microwave the fries for 2 minutes at a time, flipping them over every 2 minutes. Depending on factors such as wattage of the microwave, amount of fries and desired “crispiness” it can take up to 8 minutes total or longer.

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When flipping the fries, use clean hands or tongs and remember to avoid use of metal utensils as this could cause a spark or fire in the microwave.

At the end of each cycle check to see if they have reached your desired texture. If they look done, let them sit in the microwave for 1 minute before removing from it and enjoy!

Serving the Fries

Serving your fries is a matter of personal preference. For a truly traditional experience, add salt and ketchup to your enjoyment. If you would like to put a modern twist on the fries, consider some of the following variations:

  • Loaded Fries: Top with cheese, bacon, and sour cream for an indulgent snack.
  • Garlic Fries: Mix together minced garlic, olive oil and other seasonings of your choice. Toss with your freshly cooked fries for an added layer of flavor.
  • Chili Fries: Make a simple chili or top the fries with chili from a can for this classic favorite.
  • Greek Style Fries: Sprinkle with feta cheese and serve with tzatziki sauce or fresh tomato slices to add some freshness.

Finally, you could also enjoy your microwaved french fries plain as is! A light seasoning of salt is always encouraged; alternatively you could try some salt alternatives such as garlic powder or onion powder.

Tips for Perfect Fries

Cooking french fries in a microwave requires more than a little technique. To ensure perfectly crisp and golden fries, you’ll need to follow the right steps. Here are the necessary steps for cooking fries in a microwave:

  1. Try to purchase store-bought frozen french fries, as these are pre-seasoned and often have more consistent results than using fresh ones.
  2. Place no more than one layer of frozen french fries on a microwavable plate or dish lined with a layer of parchment paper or wax paper.
  3. Cook the fries for two minutes on high heat-setting, then turn them over and cook for another two minutes or until the potato strips have reached desired crispness – note that cooking time may vary slightly between microwaves so keep an eye on them during cooking to avoid burning or undercooking them.
  4. If desired, sprinkle with salt and/or other seasonings before serving. Enjoy!
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Once you understand the correct steps for microwaving frozen fries, it should be a breeze to prepare perfect French fries at home. Remember to use a microwave-safe plate and give the fries plenty of space when cooking. You may also want to continually pause and stir the fries during the cooking process or invest in an air fryer for a healthier alternative. Enjoy your crispy, crunchy microwaved fries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I microwave fries?

A: Microwaving fries is a simple process. Start by placing a single layer of frozen fries on a microwave-safe plate. Set the microwave to high power and cook the fries for 2-3 minutes. Once cooked, season the fries with salt and any other desired seasonings. Enjoy!

Q: What is the best way to ensure evenly cooked fries?

A: The best way to ensure evenly cooked fries is to make sure they are laid out in one single layer on the plate. Additionally, be sure to turn the fries over halfway through the cooking time to ensure they are cooked evenly on both sides.

Q: Can I use fresh potatoes instead of frozen fries in the microwave?

A: Yes, you can certainly use fresh potatoes instead of frozen fries. Start by washing and slicing the potatoes into thin wedges. Place the wedges into a microwave-safe bowl with a few tablespoons of water. Then, cook on high power for 4-5 minutes or until they are cooked through.

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