How to Move a Sleep Number Bed Safely: Essential Tips

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed?

Moving a Sleep Number bed involves several steps.

First, disconnect the air chambers by pushing the tab and use closure caps to cap them off.

Next, remove internal components like foam sidewalls and corner locks and roll up the air chambers within the foam layers.

Pack the fragile pump snugly in a box with packing materials.

Use original packaging or heavy-duty storage containers to pack the mattress, folding and rolling the parts.

Disassemble the base by removing decking panels, support beams, and sliding side panels up and out.

If the base has legs, unscrew the wingnuts to detach them.

For FlexFit bases, consider power sources and packing requirements.

Label bases for easy reassembly.

Moving a Sleep Number bed may require professional assistance and following these steps can make it easier.

Key Points:

  • Disconnect the air chambers and cap them off.
  • Remove internal components and roll up the air chambers within the foam layers.
  • Pack the pump snugly in a box with packing materials.
  • Use original packaging or heavy-duty storage containers to pack the mattress and other parts.
  • Disassemble the base by removing panels, support beams, and side panels.
  • Unscrew wingnuts to detach legs if the base has them.

Did You Know?

1. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to disassemble a sleep number bed to move it. The bed’s unique design allows for easy transportation without having to take it apart.

2. Did you know that sleep number beds were originally developed for the healthcare industry? The adjustable air pressure feature was initially intended to help patients with bed sores and pressure ulcers.

3. The sleep number system was invented in 1987 by a man named Robert M. Walker. He got the idea after experiencing discomfort and difficulty sleeping on a traditional mattress due to his back problems.

4. One interesting fact about sleep number beds is that they have individual pressure settings for each side of the bed, making them ideal for partners with different comfort preferences.

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5. If you move frequently or just enjoy changing up your bedroom layout, you’ll appreciate the fact that sleep number beds are relatively lightweight compared to traditional mattresses, making them easier to move around without assistance.

Disconnecting The Air Chambers

To properly move a Sleep Number bed, start by disconnecting the air chambers. Locate the tab at the end of the hose connected to the chamber and gently push it to disconnect the chamber. Make sure to have the white closure caps nearby to immediately cap off the chambers after disconnecting them. This is crucial to prevent any air loss while moving. Remember to complete this step on both sides if you have a dual bed setup. Once the chambers are disconnected, proceed to remove the internal components of the bed.

Removing Internal Components

To access the air chambers, follow these steps:

  1. Fold the foam layers that cover the air chambers.
  2. This will expose the air chambers for removal.
  3. Remove the foam sidewalls and corner locks that hold the chambers in place.
  4. Carefully fold and roll up the air chambers.
  5. Ensure they are securely placed within the foam layers for protection during the move.

Once you have removed all the necessary components, you will reach the Sleep Number bed’s cover bottom. At this point, the bed is ready for packing and transportation.

Packing And Securing The Sleep Number Pump

The Sleep Number pump, also known as a firmness control system, is a fragile component that needs to be handled with care during the moving process.

To properly pack the pump, follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable box for the pump.
  2. Pack the pump snugly in the box.
  3. Use packing materials such as foam or bubble wrap to reduce shock and vibration.
  4. Take extra precautions by placing the packed pump within another box for additional protection.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the pump remains undamaged throughout the move.

Packing The Sleep Number Mattress

When packing the Sleep Number mattress, it is ideal to use the original packaging if available. If not, heavy-duty storage containers can be used as an alternative.

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Here are the steps to pack the mattress securely:

  1. Disassemble the mattress components: Before placing any components in the containers, take them apart carefully.
  2. Fold and roll: Fold and roll the different parts of the mattress to fit them compactly in the containers. This ensures a space-efficient packing.
  3. Double bagging for moisture protection: To further protect the components from humidity, double bagging them is recommended. This will prevent any moisture damage during transportation.

Remember, having a secure packaging will help ensure the mattress reaches its destination in good condition.

Disassembling The Sleep Number Base

To disassemble the Sleep Number base, follow these steps:

  • Push off the decking panels from the frame of the bed.
  • Remove the center support beam if you are working with a full, queen, or king-size model.
  • Slide the side panels up and out to complete the disassembly process.
  • If your base has legs, unscrew the wingnuts to detach them.

Moving the base with another person is highly recommended to avoid any potential injuries or damage to the base. By working together, you can ensure a safer and more efficient disassembly.

Disassembling FlexFit Bases

If you have a Sleep Number bed with a FlexFit base, there are additional steps to consider during disassembly. In addition to the mentioned disassembly process, pay special attention to power sources and their packing requirements. Unplug any power cables from the base and secure them to the frame. This will prevent any damage to the cables during transportation.

Properly disassembling the Sleep Number base and FlexFit base is essential to ensure a smooth moving process.

Begin by disconnecting the air chambers and removing internal components. Pack and secure the Sleep Number pump to avoid any damage. Next, pack the mattress and disassemble the base accordingly. Make sure each step is carefully executed to safely move your Sleep Number bed and reduce the risk of any damage. Consider seeking professional assistance for a hassle-free relocation if desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move a Sleep Number bed on your own?

Moving a Sleep Number bed on your own can be a slightly more complex task compared to a traditional bed. Although it is possible to move a Sleep Number bed on your own, extra caution and careful handling are advised. Sleep Number beds consist of adjustable air chambers, which require proper disassembly and reassembly when moving. Additionally, the mattresses of Sleep Number beds are generally heavier and bulkier compared to regular mattresses, making them more challenging to maneuver. Therefore, it is recommended to seek assistance while moving a Sleep Number bed to ensure its safe transition to a new location.

Can you move a Sleep Number bed without disassembling?

Yes, the Sleep Number bed can be moved without disassembling it, but it is recommended to disassemble the base, frame, and headboards for a safer and easier move. However, if disassembling is not possible, take extra precautions when moving the bed to prevent twisting or bending the frame. Use furniture sliders or lift the bed with help to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the structure. Additionally, ensure that all bedding, pillows, and any breakable objects are removed from the bed before moving to minimize the risk of damage.

Can you deflate a Sleep Number bed to move it?

Deflating a Sleep Number bed is a relatively simple task that will enable you to move it with ease. By following the proper steps, you can safely deflate and disassemble the mattress, allowing for convenient transportation. While it is recommended to have a friend assist you for a smoother experience, it is certainly achievable without the need for professional movers.

How much does a Sleep Number bed weigh?

A Sleep Number bed’s weight depends on the size you choose. The Twin size weighs 35 lbs, the Twin XL weighs 37 lbs, the Full/Double weighs 42 lbs, and the Queen size weighs 46 lbs.

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