5 Genius Hacks To Stop Roomba Getting Stuck Under Cabinets

To prevent roomba from getting stuck under cabinets, adjust the sensors or use beacon devices. Now, getting stuck under the cabinets is a major problem for roomba users.

It not only interrupts the cleaning process but also damages the device. Many homeowners face this issue, especially when they have low cabinets or furniture. However, there are effective ways to prevent roomba from getting stuck under cabinets. By modifying the device’s settings and arranging household items, it is possible to protect roomba from this inconvenience.

Moreover, you can also use additional devices to prevent this from happening. This article will discuss several effective ways to solve this problem and maximize your roomba’s cleaning performance.

Understanding Roomba Navigation

Roomba is a useful device that navigates your floors, but it can sometimes get stuck under cabinets. Understanding how roomba’s sensors work, like cliff and wall sensors, can help you prevent it from getting stuck. Roomba also uses its cameras to map the room, creating a layout of the space.

This allows the robot vacuum to determine the best path to take, avoiding any obstacles or tricky spots. By understanding these features, you can avoid setting up situations where roomba might get stuck. For example, avoiding tight spaces and cluttered areas can help ensure a seamless cleaning process.

It’s crucial to know how roomba works and to make small adjustments to your home to maximize its efficacy.

1. Install Virtual Wall

Prevent roomba from getting stuck under cabinets by installing a virtual wall. The virtual wall creates an invisible barrier that roomba cannot cross, so it won’t venture into areas where it can get trapped. To use this feature, place the virtual wall horizontally across the opening to the room where roomba is cleaning.

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One of the benefits of using a virtual wall is that it provides a simple solution that saves time and frustration. Virtual walls can be purchased at popular online stores or directly from the manufacturer. With a virtual wall, you can enjoy a worry-free cleaning experience with your roomba without any interruptions.

2. Raise Cabinet Legs

Preventing roomba from getting stuck under cabinets can be a frustrating task, but raising the cabinet legs is an effective solution. Elevating the cabinet legs by even a few inches can provide enough clearance for roomba to pass underneath without getting stuck.

To do this, you can use furniture risers or shim blocks. The benefits of this hack include a more efficient cleaning process, less damage to the roomba, and less manual effort from you. When elevating the cabinet legs, make sure to use stable and durable materials and to check the height of the roomba before making any adjustments.

With this simple hack, you can enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience every day.

3. Use Magnetic Strips

Roomba vacuums are convenient but often get stuck under cabinets. Luckily, using magnetic strips can prevent this issue. These strips create a barrier that roomba will not cross. A few tips to consider include placing the strips in the correct location, making sure they are flush with the floor, and purchasing enough to create a complete perimeter.

You can purchase magnetic strips easy in online or in-store from hardware shops. Keep your floors clean and roomba running smoothly by using these helpful tips.

4. Place Obstacles

To prevent your roomba from getting stuck under cabinets, placing obstacles can be a game-changer. This hack can help your roomba navigate through narrow spaces, prevent it from getting stuck, and ensure a thorough cleaning of your home. However, you need to be strategic about the obstacles you choose.

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Pick the right size, weight, and type so that it can easily move them around. Don’t select obstacles that are too heavy or too light, as they can either resist the roomba’s movement or slide away. Some suitable obstacles include wooden blocks, small boxes, and cans.

By following this simple hack, you can make your roomba cleaning experience stress-free and get the best possible results.

5. Restrict Access

To prevent your roomba from getting stuck under cabinets, it’s crucial to restrict access. By limiting its cleaning area, you encourage better navigation and reduce the chances of a cleaning mishap. Luckily, there are simple ways to do this. Use barriers or physical limitations to keep your roomba away from restricted areas.

Not only will this hack save your roomba from a jam, but it’ll also improve its cleaning efficiency. Keep in mind that these preventive measures may require some trial and error to perfect, but the results will be well worth the effort.


The roomba is a great convenience for homeowners, but it can be frustrating when it gets stuck under cabinets. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent this from happening. Firstly, make sure the roomba has enough open space to move freely.

Secondly, block off areas that it shouldn’t go using virtual walls or physical barriers. Thirdly, adjust the sensors on the roomba to prevent it from detecting dropping edges as obstacles. Fourthly, use a roomba with a more powerful motor to push through small gaps.

Finally, make sure to clean the tracks and sensors of the roomba regularly to ensure it moves smoothly. By following these tips, you can enjoy the convenience of a roomba without the frustration of it getting stuck under cabinets. Happy cleaning!

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