How to Quickly Reset Your Mr Cool Mini Split

To reset mr cool mini split, turn off the unit and unplug it for 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in, turn it on, and press the reset button.

If you own a mr cool mini split, you already know how great it is at cooling your home or office. But sometimes, your mini split may start acting up, making strange noises or not functioning as usual. In such cases, resetting the unit may solve the issue.

The process is quick and straightforward and doesn’t require any professional help. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to reset a mr cool mini split and ensure it’s in perfect condition to provide you with the ultimate cooling experience.

Checking For Basic Issues

Are you having trouble with your mr. Cool mini split? Before calling a repairperson, there are some basic issues you can check to reset the unit yourself. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

Checking The Remote Control And Batteries

The first thing to check is the remote control and its batteries. Make sure the remote control is pointed at the unit and that the batteries are working properly. If the batteries are dead, replace them with new ones to see if that solves the problem.

If the remote control still does not work, move onto the next step.

Ensuring Proper Power Supply To The Unit

Make sure the mr. Cool mini split unit is receiving proper power supply. Check that the power switch is turned on and that the unit is plugged into a working outlet. Also, ensure that the circuit breaker for the unit is switched to the “on” position.

If the unit still does not turn on, move onto the next step.

Resetting Circuit Breaker If Necessary

You may need to reset the circuit breaker if the unit is not responding. Follow these steps to reset the circuit breaker:

  • Turn off the ac unit’s thermostat.
  • Locate the electrical panel that controls the power to the unit.
  • Flip the switch for the unit to the “off” position.
  • Wait a minute or two.
  • Flip the switch back to the “on” position.
  • Turn the thermostat back on.
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If all else fails, it’s time to call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. By following these basic steps, you may be able to reset your mr. Cool mini split and avoid calling for a repairperson unnecessarily.

The Resetting Process

Step-By-Step Guide On Resetting The Mr Cool Mini Split:

Resetting your mr cool mini split unit can be a simple task if you follow these easy-to-understand steps:

  • Firstly, turn the unit off using the remote control. Make sure that it is completely powered off.
  • Move on to the circuit breaker and turn the breaker switch off. Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Switch on the breaker again and switch on your unit using the remote control.
  • The unit will now begin its resetting process, and the led display will display zeros. It should take around 3-5 minutes.

Congratulations, your mr cool mini split unit has successfully been reset!

Common Issues That May Arise During The Resetting Process:

While resetting your mr cool mini split unit, you might encounter a few issues, such as:

  • The unit not restarting after the reset process is complete.
  • The unit displaying error codes on the led display.
  • The unit not cooling or heating properly after reset.
  • The unit making unusual noises.

Troubleshooting Tips For Handling Issues That May Arise:

Here are some useful troubleshooting tips to handle the issues that may arise while resetting your mr cool mini split unit:

  • Try performing the reset process once more to see if the issue resolves itself.
  • Check the circuit breaker to ensure that it is not tripped.
  • Clean the unit’s filters as dirty filters can cause the unit to malfunction.
  • Check the unit’s outdoor unit to ensure that it is not blocked by debris or vegetation.
  • Contact customer service if the issue persists, as the unit may require repair or replacement.

Following these tips will help you in resolving the issues that may have arisen during the resetting process, and your mr cool mini split unit will be back to functioning correctly in no time.

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Tips For Maintaining Your Mr Cool Mini Split

Maintaining your mr cool mini split regularly is crucial to ensure it operates efficiently and lasts as long as possible. By following these simple tips for proper maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and increase the lifespan of your unit.

Best Practices For Proper Maintenance Of The Unit

  • Clean the air filters every month, especially if you live in a dusty area, to ensure optimum airflow and prevent blockages.
  • Check the drain line every month to make sure it is not clogged with dirt or debris, which can cause water leaks and damage to your unit.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of debris such as leaves, dirt, and dust. Ensure that the surrounding area is free of any obstacles.
  • Check for any damage to the coil fins during your monthly inspection. Bent fins can restrict proper airflow and affect the unit’s cooling capacity.

Importance Of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that your mr cool mini split performs at its best, saving you money on energy bills and reducing the frequency of repairs. A well-maintained unit improves air quality in your home and prolongs the system’s lifespan.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining The Unit

  • Ignoring the air filters: Dirty filters restrict the airflow and reduce the system’s cooling capacity, leading to a higher electricity bill and reduced service life.
  • Neglecting the outdoor unit: The outdoor unit is exposed to natural elements and prone to damage when neglected. Keep it clean, dry, and free of obstructions to ensure efficient functioning.
  • Improper installation: Poor installation can result in inefficient cooling and increased energy bills. Hire a professional to install your mr cool mini split to avoid premature wear and tear.

By following these tips for proper maintenance, you can ensure that your mr cool mini split operates efficiently and lasts as long as possible. Schedule a regular maintenance routine to avoid any major issues and maintain optimal performance year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Reset Mr Cool Mini Split

How Do I Reset My Mr Cool Mini Split?

To reset your mr cool mini split, press and hold the power button on the remote control for about five seconds until the display screen indicates that the unit has been reset. This should clear any previous error codes and restore the unit to its default settings.

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What Do I Do If My Mini Split Won’t Turn On?

If your mr cool mini split won’t turn on, start by checking the circuit breaker and power supply. Ensure that the unit is receiving power and that the circuit breaker is functioning correctly. If the problem persists, contact a licensed hvac technician.

How Do I Troubleshoot Error Codes On My Mr Cool Mini Split?

To troubleshoot error codes on your mr cool mini split, consult the user manual for error codes and try to diagnose the issue based on the code displayed. Alternatively, contact a licensed hvac technician for assistance in diagnosing and repairing the issue.

How Often Should I Clean My Mr Cool Mini Split?

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, it is recommended to clean your mr cool mini split every three to six months. This involves removing and cleaning the air filters, wiping down the exterior of the unit, and checking the condenser coil for dirt or debris.

How Long Do Mr Cool Mini Splits Typically Last?

With proper maintenance and regular use, a mr cool mini split can last up to 20 years. However, individual units may have varying lifespans depending on usage, maintenance, and other factors.


After reading this guide, you should now be equipped with the knowledge to successfully reset your mr cool mini-split unit. Remember to always turn off the power before resetting and to follow each step carefully. It is important to diagnose the issue and determine if a reset is the appropriate solution.

If you are still experiencing problems after resetting, consult with a professional for further help. Regular maintenance and care of your mini-split will not only prolong its lifespan but also ensure it runs efficiently. By following these steps and taking proper care of your unit, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of your mr cool mini-split for years to come.

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