How to Reset Whirlpool Washer Touch Screen: A Step-by-Step Guide for Optimal Performance

How to Reset Whirlpool Washer Touch Screen?

To reset a Whirlpool washer touch screen, you have two options.

The first method is to power cycle the washer by turning it off, unplugging it from the power source, waiting for 5 minutes, then plugging it back in and turning it on again.

This can often resolve unresponsiveness issues.

The second method is to press specific button combinations, which vary depending on the model.

It is advisable to consult the washer’s manual for the correct button combination.

Additionally, if the touch screen is unresponsive due to the control lock, turning off the lock may solve the issue.

Remember to wipe the touch screen and your hands with a dry cloth if there is moisture present.

However, if the touch screen displays an error code, it is recommended to refer to the washer’s service sheet for specific instructions rather than attempting to reset the touch screen.

Key Points:

  • Power cycle the washer by turning it off, unplugging it, waiting for 5 minutes, and then plugging it back in and turning it on again
  • Press specific button combinations depending on the model
  • Consult the washer’s manual for the correct button combination
  • Turn off control lock if touch screen is unresponsive
  • Wipe the touch screen and hands with a dry cloth if there is moisture present
  • Refer to the washer’s service sheet for specific instructions if the touch screen displays an error code

Did You Know?

1. Whirlpool is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens.

2. Whirlpool washers with touch screens have a hidden reset function that can solve various minor issues. To access it, you need to press and hold the Control Lock button for three seconds.

3. The Whirlpool touch screen washer models often feature a “Clean Washer” cycle, which helps keep the interior of the machine fresh and odor-free by eliminating residue and bacteria buildup.

4. Some Whirlpool washers come equipped with smart technology that allows users to control and monitor their machines remotely through mobile apps. This feature enables you to start, pause, or stop cycles, receive alerts, and even diagnose potential problems from anywhere.

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5. Whirlpool washers have a special feature called Precision Dispense Plus, which automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent, fabric softener, and bleach at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. This ensures optimal cleaning performance and avoids wastage.

Unresponsive Touch Screen: Resetting Options For Whirlpool Washers

Whirlpool washers have revolutionized the laundry experience with their touch screens and advanced smart features. However, like any electronic device, the touch screen on these washers may become unresponsive from time to time. If you find yourself in such a predicament, don’t panic. There are several options to reset the touch screen on your Whirlpool washer, and we will explore them in this comprehensive guide.

Power Cycling: A Simple Reset Option

One of the easiest methods to reset a Whirlpool washer’s touch screen is by power cycling the unit. To do this, start by turning off the washer and unplugging it from the power source. Now, patiently wait for about five minutes to allow any residual electrical charge to dissipate. After the waiting period, plug the washer back in and turn it on. This power cycle helps reset the system and clears any temporary glitches that may have rendered the touch screen unresponsive.

Button Combinations: Model-Specific Reset Methods

If power cycling fails to revive the touch screen, there is another reset option available. Whirlpool washers feature unique button combinations for each model to trigger a reset. To proceed with this method, consult the washer’s manual for the specific button combination for your model. Following the instructions correctly will initiate a reset and hopefully restore functionality to the touch screen.

Tip: It is important to consult the washer’s manual for the specific button combination for your model.

For a successful reset, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the washer’s manual to find the specific button combination for your model.
  2. Press and hold the combination of buttons as instructed in the manual.
  3. Release the buttons once the reset process begins.
  4. Wait for the touch screen to reset and hopefully regain its functionality.

Note: If you are not sure about the button combination or have any doubts, it is recommended to contact Whirlpool customer support for further assistance.

By following these steps and consulting the washer’s manual, you can effectively reset the touch screen and potentially resolve any issues with its functionality.

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Control Lock: Unlocking The Touch Screen

Sometimes, the touch screen may appear to be unresponsive when, in fact, it is just locked. Whirlpool washers offer a control lock feature to prevent accidental input during the wash cycle. If you suspect that the touch screen is locked, look for a Control Lock or Hold to Start button on the control panel. Press and hold this button for a few seconds until the control lock symbol disappears. By unlocking the control panel, you may find that the touch screen responds as expected.

Moisture Issues: Cleaning And Drying The Touch Screen

Moisture can have a negative impact on the performance of a Whirlpool washer’s touch screen. If you observe that the control panel is wet or contains moisture, it may cause the touch screen to be unresponsive. To address this issue, you should use a dry cloth to gently wipe the touch screen and remove any moisture present. It is also important to ensure that your hands are dry before interacting with the touch screen. By maintaining a dry environment, you can prevent any interference that could disrupt the proper functioning of the touch screen.

Error Codes: Consulting The Service Sheet For Troubleshooting

While the aforementioned methods are suitable for resolving general touch screen responsiveness issues, it is essential to note that if your touch screen displays an error code, it is not recommended to attempt a reset on your own. Whirlpool provides service sheets for their washers, which contain detailed instructions for troubleshooting specific error codes. When confronted with an error code, it is best to consult the service sheet or contact a professional technician who can offer expert guidance.

In conclusion, a Whirlpool washer’s touch screen may occasionally become unresponsive, causing frustration for users. However, with the options presented in this guide, you can reset the touch screen and restore optimal performance. Whether it’s power cycling, utilizing model-specific button combinations, unlocking the control panel, or addressing moisture issues, these steps should help rectify the unresponsiveness. Remember to consult the washer’s manual or service sheet for accurate information, and when in doubt, seek professional assistance for error codes. By following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure that your Whirlpool washer’s touch screen works flawlessly, making laundry day a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Whirlpool washing machine touch screen?

To reset the touch screen on your Whirlpool washing machine, you can try a couple of methods. Firstly, press and hold the power/reset button until all the lights on the screen turn off. This should trigger a reset and the indicator lights should flash, indicating a successful reset. Alternatively, you can unplug the machine from the power source and leave it disconnected for about five to ten minutes before plugging it back in and powering it on again. This period of time allows the machine to completely reset its touchscreen functionality.

Is there a reset button on Whirlpool?

Yes, Whirlpool refrigerators typically have a reset button. This button is commonly found on the control panel or within the refrigerator compartment. Take a close look at the control panel to spot a small button marked “Reset” or with a similar label.

Can you factory reset a Whirlpool washing machine?

While Whirlpool washing machines don’t feature a dedicated reset button, there are alternative methods to reset them. One simple approach is to unplug the washer for a brief period, which can effectively reset the machine. Additionally, pressing a combination of buttons, such as pause/cancel twice and power once, can also perform a reset on the washer and restore it to its default settings.

How do I reset my Whirlpool washer door?

To reset your Whirlpool washer door, begin by unplugging the washer or disconnecting the power. Allow the control to reset for around 2 minutes before plugging the washer back in. Once power is restored, run a “Drain and Spin” cycle. This should unlock the door and resolve any issues related to it being locked at the end of a cycle.

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