How to Style a Bench: 7 Creative Ideas

How to Style a Bench?

To style a bench, there are several options to consider.

It can be used as a plant stand, providing a unique and natural touch to the space.

Alternatively, a bench can be transformed into an entryway piece, offering a convenient spot to sit and remove shoes.

Additionally, it can be repurposed as a coffee table, creating a functional and stylish centerpiece.

For a coastal vibe, vintage woven baskets can be placed on a storage bench, adding charm and practicality.

On the other hand, a minimal look can be achieved by combining a modern coat tree with a blue velvet parson bench, resulting in a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.

Key Points:

  • Bench can be used as a plant stand for a natural touch
  • Bench can be transformed into an entryway piece for seating and shoe removal
  • Bench can be repurposed as a coffee table for a functional centerpiece
  • Vintage woven baskets can be added to a storage bench for a coastal vibe
  • Modern coat tree can be combined with a blue velvet parson bench for a minimal and elegant look
  • Various options available to style a bench to fit different aesthetics

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that benches were originally considered a sign of wealth and privilege? In the past, only the wealthy had the luxury of owning and using benches, while the common folk had to make do with standing or sitting on the ground.

2. The longest bench ever recorded was over 1,000 feet in length! This extraordinary bench, known as the “Longest Seat in Britain,” was built in Littlehampton, England in 2010. It winds along the promenade, providing ample seating for locals and visitors alike.

3. When it comes to bench styles, the “Shaker bench” is a classic and popular choice. However, the name has an interesting origin – it is derived from the religious group called the Shakers, who crafted simple, elegant furniture known for its minimalist design and functionality.

4. Interestingly, some benches around the world are equipped with hidden features like USB charging ports, solar panels for power, and even free Wi-Fi access! These modern benches are designed to accommodate the needs and demands of today’s technology-driven society.

5. The act of “bench warming” has a surprising history. It originates from European courts in the Middle Ages, where the judge’s seat was called a “bench.” If a lawyer or a barrister did not have any cases to present, they would sit on the bench and wait for an opportunity to be called, essentially “warming” the bench until their turn.

Plant Stand

One creative way to style a bench is by transforming it into a fabulous plant stand. This allows you to bring a touch of nature into your space and create a unique centerpiece. To achieve this look, begin by selecting a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing bench that complements your overall decor.

Place the bench near a window or in a well-lit area to ensure your plants receive adequate sunlight.

Next, choose a variety of potted plants in different sizes and shapes to add visual interest and create depth. You can opt for vibrant flowers, delicate succulents, or lush green foliage, depending on your personal preference and the style of your space. Arrange the plants on the bench, placing taller ones towards the back and shorter ones towards the front for a balanced look.

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Additionally, consider incorporating decorative elements such as hanging planters or wall-mounted shelves to maximize the vertical space. Add accents like decorative stones, fairy lights, or wooden crates to enhance the overall appeal.

Regularly water and care for your plants to maintain their health and beauty.

  • Select a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing bench
  • Place the bench near a window or in a well-lit area
  • Choose a variety of potted plants in different sizes and shapes
  • Arrange the plants on the bench, placing taller ones towards the back and shorter ones towards the front
  • Incorporate decorative elements like hanging planters or wall-mounted shelves
  • Add accents like decorative stones, fairy lights, or wooden crates
  • Regularly water and care for your plants to maintain their health and beauty

Entryway Bench

Your home’s entryway is the gateway to creating a lasting impression, so why not seize the opportunity to make a statement with your bench? By transforming it into an entryway bench, you not only add functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Begin by selecting a bench that offers adequate storage capacity, such as one equipped with drawers or baskets.

To establish an organized and welcoming entryway, utilize the bench as a designated spot to store shoes, bags, and other items that tend to clutter the area. Keep these items neatly arranged and easily accessible by utilizing baskets or bins. Additionally, contemplate incorporating hooks or a wall-mounted coat rack above the bench to hang coats, scarves, and hats.

For a touch of personalization, consider positioning a decorative mirror or artwork above the bench. This not only serves as a visually captivating focal point but also adds depth and dimension to your entryway. Finally, add the finishing touches to make the area feel warm and inviting, such as a cozy throw blanket or decorative pillows.

Coffee Table

Transforming your bench into a coffee table can be a great way to enhance both the functionality and style of your living room.

To begin, choose a bench that is the appropriate height and size for your seating area. It’s important to select a bench that complements the color and style of your existing furniture.

To create a cohesive look, place a tray or a set of coasters on top of the bench. This will provide a stable surface for placing drinks or snacks. Additionally, arranging coffee table books, magazines, or decorative items on the tray can add visual interest to the space. For an added touch, consider incorporating a vase of fresh flowers or a small indoor plant to bring some life into the room.

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To complete the overall living room arrangement, consider surrounding the bench-turned-coffee table with comfortable seating options such as armchairs or a sofa. This will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, adding some throw pillows or a plush rug under the table can enhance both the comfort and style of the space.

Coastal Style With Vintage Woven Baskets And Storage Bench

If you are aiming for a coastal-inspired theme, styling your bench with vintage woven baskets and a storage bench can evoke a beachy and relaxed ambiance. Begin by selecting a bench that has built-in storage compartments, ideally made with natural materials such as wicker or rattan.

Place the storage bench against a wall in your chosen space, such as the living room or bedroom. Fill the storage compartments with woven baskets, sea-inspired decor, or even beach towels and blankets. This provides functional storage while maintaining the coastal theme.

Add soft and neutral-toned cushions to the bench to create a comfortable seating area. Enhance the coastal vibe by incorporating decorative elements such as seashells, driftwood, or unique coastal artwork on the walls. Soft lighting, like table lamps or string lights, further enhances the soothing atmosphere.

Minimal Style With Modern Coat Tree

Creating a minimalistic style with a bench can instantly bring a modern and clean aesthetic to your space.

  • Start by selecting a bench with sleek lines and minimal ornamentation.
  • Opt for neutral colors such as white, black, or gray to maintain the minimalist vibe.

To enhance the minimalistic look, incorporate a modern coat tree next to the bench. This allows you to hang coats, bags, and hats in a stylish and organized manner.

  • The coat tree should match the bench in terms of color and design to create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement.

Keep the area around the bench clutter-free by utilizing storage options like minimalist shelves or hidden compartments.

  • Add a pop of color with accent pillows or a statement rug, but keep the overall color palette subdued.
  • Consider incorporating natural elements such as potted plants or small succulents to add life and texture to the space.

Blue Velvet Parson Bench

A blue velvet parson bench adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any space. This style is perfect for creating a chic and sophisticated ambiance. Start by selecting a bench upholstered in luxurious blue velvet fabric with a parson-style design.

Place the bench against a focal point wall, such as a fireplace or a large window, to highlight its beauty. Surround the bench with furniture pieces that complement its style, such as velvet accent chairs or a tufted sofa. Consider incorporating metallic accents, like gold or silver, through decorative items such as tables, lamps, or picture frames.

To further enhance the elegance, add throw pillows in complementary shades of blue or other metallic accents. Incorporating a plush rug under the bench adds texture and comfort. This styling option is perfect for a formal living room or a luxurious master bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style a sitting bench?

One way to style a sitting bench is to mix it with an eclectic array of chairs in the dining room. This combination not only adds dimension but also creates a floating effect, giving a unique and visually appealing look. Alternatively, placing a bench against a wall and adding cushions to it can enhance comfort and create a cozy feel, making it a perfect addition to a breakfast nook. The cushions can be chosen to match the existing decor or add a pop of color to the space.

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How do you decorate a bench?

To decorate a bench, consider incorporating a mix of finishes to create a personalized and designer-like appearance. For instance, combining natural wood with painted elements can add depth and character to a built-in bench in your entryway. To enhance the aesthetic further, introduce interesting printed pillows that contrast with the bench’s simple design. Additionally, incorporating whimsical artwork or utilizing patterned floor tiles can provide additional visual interest and make the bench a standout element in your space.

How do you dress a living room bench?

When dressing a living room bench, it is essential to consider the overall height of the bedding to ensure a harmonious aesthetic. Aim for the bench top to be positioned a few inches below the finished top of the bedding, taking into account the layers of sheets and duvets. To add visual interest, one can embellish the bench with a tasteful arrangement of books and baubles, allowing for a charming interplay of heights. Alternatively, leaving an aged wood bench unadorned or using a unique material like subtle faux snakeskin can serve as captivating design choices to enhance the overall appeal of the living room.

How do you dress a hallway bench?

To dress a hallway bench, you can take inspiration from various design approaches. Consider upholstering the bench with a fabric that complements the overall aesthetic of the space, such as one suggested by Heather Hilliard Design. Additionally, you can incorporate artful elements or small decorative items to add visual interest without overwhelming the space, as recommended by Haris Kenjar. Creating a functional and organized nook by optimizing the bench’s storage capabilities is another option, allowing for both style and practicality. You can also consider showcasing a sculptural piece on top of the bench or opting for a double-tiered bench to make a statement. Mirroring a wall adjacent to the bench can help create the illusion of a larger space, while keeping pathways clear ensures easy movement through the area. Ultimately, dressing a hallway bench goes beyond being a mere transition area; it can become an integral part of your overall design scheme.

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