Master the Art of Disabling Sensor Dry on Your LG Dryer: A Step-by-Step Guide

To turn off sensor dry on lg dryer, press and hold the “more time” or “less time” button for three seconds until the indicator light turns off. Lg dryers come with sensor dry technology that detects moisture and adjusts drying time accordingly.

However, some users may prefer to turn off this feature for various reasons. If you are one of those users, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to turn off sensor dry on lg dryer in just a few simple steps.

So, let’s dive in and explore the process together.

Why Disable Sensor Dry?

Why Disable Sensor Dry On An Lg Dryer?

When people purchase an lg dryer, they expect it to work well and meet their expectations. Sensor dry is a helpful feature that senses the level of moisture in the clothes and ends the cycle once the clothes are dry.

However, there are times when a user might want to disable sensor dry. Here are some possible reasons why:

Technical Issues

  • Sensor dry feature might malfunction or provide inaccurate readings, and your clothes will either over-dry or be damp at the end of the cycle.
  • Sometimes the sensors get clogged with lint or dust, leading to poor performance and reliability.
  • The dryer’s control panel may need calibration or repair, which can lead to sensor dry issues.

Personal Preferences

  • If you prefer to control the drying duration yourself, then you might find the sensor dry feature annoying.
  • If you want to sanitize or dry clothes at a specific temperature level, sensor dry can limit your options.

Overall, there are times when one can find sensor dry less helpful than expected, and it can be worthwhile disabling it. However, before doing so, it is important to consider the underlying cause and whether it’s worth turning off the feature.

Step-By-Step Guide To Disabling Sensor Dry

If you’re new to using an lg dryer, you may be curious about the sensor dry feature. By default, your lg dryer is programmed to use sensor dry, which automatically detects the moisture level in your clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly.

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However, sometimes you may want to override this feature and use manual drying settings instead. Let’s take a look at how you can turn off sensor dry on your lg dryer with this step-by-step guide.

Tools Needed

Before we begin, let’s ensure you have all the necessary tools for disabling sensor dry on your lg dryer. Don’t worry; you won’t need any fancy equipment. Here’s all you’ll require:

  • A soft cloth or sponge
  • Lg dryer

Follow these easy steps to turn off the sensor dry setting on your lg dryer:

  • Start with turning on the lg dryer.
  • Next, use your soft cloth or sponge to clean the sensors. You can find them on the back wall of your dryer drum. Make sure you clean them well as any dirt or debris can cause them to malfunction.
  • Press the power button to turn on the lg dryer.
  • Select the manual dry option for measurement in time-based increments.
  • Set the appropriate drying time for your laundry.

Tips for novice users:

  • Don’t forget to clean your sensors properly, or else it will interfere with your drying cycle.
  • If you’re unsure what drying time to set, refer to the manufacturer’s suggested drying time in the user manual.

By following these simple steps, you can disable sensor dry on your lg dryer. We hope our step-by-step guide has been helpful in solving your drying woes. Don’t hesitate to refer back to this guide if you need any assistance.

Happy drying!

Common Problems And Solutions

If you’re looking to turn off the sensor dry on your lg dryer, you may encounter some common problems in the process. However, with a bit of troubleshooting, you can easily solve these issues and begin using your dryer as desired.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when identifying these common problems and their solutions:

Identify Any Common Problems Users Might Experience When Disabling Sensor Dry, Such As Tripping The Circuit Breaker, And Offer Simple Solutions To These Issues.

  • Problem: Tripping circuit breaker
  • Solution: Check if you have too many devices on the same circuit and move some to another outlet. Alternatively, you may have a faulty breaker that needs replacing.
  • Problem: Inaccurate drying times
  • Solution: Try resetting the dryer or clearing any lint buildup in the sensor area. You may also want to check the dryer vent to ensure proper airflow.
  • Problem: Difficulty disabling sensor dry
  • Solution: You may need to consult the user manual or contact lg customer service for assistance in disabling the sensor dry function. They may need to remotely access the dryer to troubleshoot.
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Remember, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when attempting to disable the sensor dry function on your lg dryer to avoid any potential damage. By troubleshooting common problems and implementing their respective solutions, you’ll be on your way to successful and hassle-free drying cycles.

Expert Tips

Master the art of disabling sensor dry on your lg dryer: a step-by-step guide.

Lg dryers are equipped with various settings that provide users with ease of use and efficiency. One such function is the sensor dry setting. The sensor dry feature helps dry your clothes just right, preventing over or under-drying. However, if you’re an advanced user, you might want to turn off this feature, making it easier to set the dryness level of your clothes and save energy.

We will discuss expert tips on disabling sensor dry on your lg dryer.

Key Points To Turn Off Sensor Dry

Here are the key points to follow to turn off sensor dry on your lg dryer:

  • Begin by pressing the power button on your dryer to turn it on.
  • Next, turn the dial to your preferred drying cycle.
  • Press the more time or less time buttons to adjust the drying time as per your requirement.
  • Set the dryer’s temperature as per the fabric using the relevant button.
  • Finally, press the start button to begin the drying operation, and that’s it! Enjoy the customized drying cycle based on your preference.

Additional Tips And Tricks For Advanced Users

For advanced users who want to fully master the art of disabling sensor dry on their lg dryer, here are some additional tips and tricks:

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  • Keep in mind that each drying cycle will have a different time and temperature, so make sure to adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Use a timer to keep track of the drying time as per the fabric’s requirement. This way, you can easily determine when to turn off the dryer manually.
  • If your lg dryer has a steam function, use it to remove wrinkles and odors from your clothes simultaneously. This function can also help save time and energy.
  • Keep your dryer’s lint filter clean as it can improve drying efficiency and save energy.
  • Make it a habit to clean the outer part of your dryer regularly. This will prevent dust and debris accumulation and ensure proper dryer functioning.
  • Don’t load your dryer beyond its capacity, as it can affect its performance and longevity.

With these simple steps and expert tips, you can master the art of disabling sensor dry on your lg dryer. Remember, not using the sensor dry feature can help you customize the drying cycle based on your preference, save energy, and improve your dryer’s performance.


Now that you have learned how to turn off sensor dry on lg dryer, you can easily enjoy using your dryer without worrying about over-drying your clothes. This simple process can save you time, energy and money. Moreover, by disabling the sensor dry feature, you can personalize your drying preferences and eliminate issues like lint build-up, wrinkles, and shrinkage.

As with any electrical appliance, maintaining your lg dryer is crucial for its optimal performance and longevity. Routine cleaning, regular maintenance checks, and proper usage can prevent future problems and ensure that your dryer lasts for years to come. By following these steps and tips, you can use your lg dryer with ease and confidence and avoid the frustration of having to replace it prematurely.

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