Is Ashburn VA a Good Place to Live: Evaluating Quality of Life, Amenities, and Education

Is Ashburn VA a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Ashburn, VA is generally considered a good place to live.

Located in Loudoun County, Ashburn offers a suburban lifestyle with proximity to Washington, D.C.

The area is known for its thriving high-tech industry and Internet traffic hub.

The population has grown significantly in recent years, with a median household income above the national average.

Ashburn has a diverse community and offers access to quality education through public and private schools.

Additionally, the presence of healthcare facilities and convenient transportation options contribute to the overall livability of the area.

Key Points:

  • Ashburn, VA is generally considered a good place to live
  • Suburban lifestyle with proximity to Washington, D.C.
  • Thriving high-tech industry and Internet traffic hub
  • Growing population with above national average median income
  • Diverse community with access to quality education
  • Presence of healthcare facilities and convenient transportation options

Did You Know?

1. Ashburn, VA is home to one of the largest data center markets in the entire world, earning it the nickname “Data Center Alley.”
2. The town was named after the first person of European descent to settle in the area, a Scottish immigrant named Philip Ashton.
3. Ashburn is located only a few miles away from the Washington Dulles International Airport, making it a convenient location for frequent travelers.
4. In 2019, Ashburn was ranked as the second-best place to live in Virginia by, a popular ratings and review site.
5. Despite being a small town, Ashburn is surprisingly diverse – more than 30% of its population is comprised of foreign-born residents, adding to its cultural richness.

Population And Location

Ashburn, VA is a bustling census-designated place nestled in Loudoun County, Virginia, making it an ideal location for those seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population of Ashburn was 43,511, and it has continued to grow significantly since then. Located just 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Ashburn offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of small-town living while still being part of the vibrant Washington metropolitan area.

Ashburn’s Role As An Internet Hub

One of the notable features of Ashburn is its reputation as a major hub for Internet traffic. With the presence of numerous data centers, this thriving community has earned the moniker “Data Center Alley.” Companies like Amazon Web Services, Equinix, and Verizon have established a strong presence in Ashburn, contributing to the area’s economic growth and technology-driven culture. This influx of high-tech businesses has also resulted in an abundance of employment opportunities for residents.

  • Ashburn is known as “Data Center Alley” due to its numerous data centers.
  • Companies like Amazon Web Services, Equinix, and Verizon have a strong presence in Ashburn.
  • The presence of these companies has contributed to the area’s economic growth and technology-driven culture.
  • Ashburn offers abundant employment opportunities in the high-tech sector.
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Historical Significance

While Ashburn is undoubtedly known for its modern advancements, it also has historical significance that adds character and charm to the area. Originally named “Farmwell,” the area was renamed “Ashburn Farm” after John Janney purchased a summer home there in 1841.

Ashburn is home to several historic sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Ashburn Presbyterian Church and the Belmont Manor House. These landmarks serve as a reminder of the rich history and heritage of the community.

  • The area was originally named “Farmwell”
  • Renamed “Ashburn Farm” in 1841 after John Janney’s purchase
  • Ashburn Presbyterian Church and Belmont Manor House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Subdivisions And Growth

Ashburn offers a variety of well-designed subdivisions that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Some of the notable subdivisions in Ashburn include Ashbrook, Ashburn Farm, Ashburn Village, the Courts and Ridges at Ashburn, and the Village of Waxpool. Each subdivision offers its residents a range of amenities, such as parks, recreational facilities, and community centers. The population of Ashburn has experienced a steady 6.5% increase from 2010 to 2020, reflecting the appeal and desirability of the area.

Commuting And Economic Factors

Ashburn’s location offers convenient commuting options to Washington, D.C. and its surrounding suburbs. Residents can easily commute to the city for work, thanks to the efficient transportation systems like the Washington Metro Silver Line stations – Loudoun Gateway and Ashburn. The economic landscape of Ashburn is diverse, with a strong emphasis on high-tech industries. This leads to a thriving job market and a median household income of $100,719, providing residents with financial stability and ample growth opportunities.

  • Convenient commuting options to Washington, D.C. and suburbs
  • Efficient transportation systems, including Washington Metro Silver Line stations
  • Diverse economic landscape with a focus on high-tech industries
  • Thriving job market
  • Median household income of $100,719 for financial stability and growth opportunities.
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Education And Infrastructure

Education is a significant factor in evaluating the desirability of a place to live, and Ashburn excels in this area. It is served by the highly regarded Loudoun County Public Schools, which are known for their commitment to academic excellence. Additionally, Ashburn is home to several private schools, providing families with additional educational choices. The community is also enriched by its proximity to prestigious institutions like The George Washington University’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus. Furthermore, Ashburn boasts excellent infrastructure, including top-notch healthcare facilities like the Inova Ashburn Healthplex Emergency Room and Inova Loudoun Hospital, ensuring access to quality healthcare for residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to live in Ashburn VA?

Living in Ashburn, Virginia can be considered quite expensive compared to the national average. With a cost of living index of 134.5%, it is ranked 16th out of 273 cities across the US in terms of affordability. This means that residents of Ashburn can expect higher expenses in various aspects of life, such as housing, groceries, transportation, and healthcare, than those living in many other areas of the country. However, the higher cost is offset by the numerous benefits of living in Ashburn, including its thriving economy, excellent schools, and access to various amenities and entertainment options.

How rich is Ashburn VA?

Ashburn, VA is home to a relatively affluent population, with a median household income of $132,582 in 2020. This figure demonstrates the financial stability and prosperity of the residents in comparison to the national average. Furthermore, despite a slight decline in population between 2019 and 2020, Ashburn’s median household income saw a negligible increase, indicating a consistent level of affluence within the community. Overall, while Ashburn may not be among the wealthiest areas in the United States, it undoubtedly boasts a comfortable standard of living for its residents.

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What is Ashburn Virginia famous for?

Ashburn, Virginia is renowned for being a prominent center for data centers. Serving as the home to major companies such as Digital Realty, Equinix, and NTT, Ashburn has established itself as a hub for these critical facilities. With its strategic location and advanced infrastructure, Ashburn attracts numerous businesses seeking to establish or expand their data center operations. The town’s prominence in the data center industry has significantly contributed to its economic growth and reputation as a technology and innovation hub.

Is Ashburn a suburb of DC?

Yes, Ashburn is indeed a suburb of Washington, DC. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, Ashburn is a thriving community that offers residents a suburban lifestyle while still being in close proximity to the nation’s capital. With its convenient location and growing amenities, Ashburn has become a popular choice for those seeking a desirable suburban setting near DC.

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