Cracking the Code: What Does 4E Mean on a Samsung Washer?

4e on a Samsung washer stands for “water supply error.” It means that the washer is not receiving enough water to function properly.

If you own a Samsung washer and see the 4e error code, you may be wondering what it means. In short, it indicates a water supply issue. This error code often occurs because the washer is not getting enough water, which can be caused by various reasons, including low water pressure or a clogged water inlet hose.

To fix the problem, you can try cleaning the water inlet filter, checking the water supply valve, and ensuring that the water pressure is high enough. In some cases, you may need to contact a professional for assistance. By understanding what the 4e error code means and how to fix it, you can keep your Samsung washer running smoothly.

Understanding The Error Code

If you own a Samsung washer, you might have come across the 4e error code at some point. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what it means; we’re here to explain it to you step by step.

What Is The 4E Error Code?

The 4e error code appears on your Samsung washer’s display when there’s an issue with the water supply. The “e” stands for “error,” indicating that something went wrong.

Why Does It Occur?

Some of the most common reasons why the 4e error code may appear on your Samsung washer include:

  • Incorrect water supply: If the water supply hose is not connected correctly or the water valve is not fully open, your washer won’t get the amount of water it needs.
  • Water pressure issues: If the water pressure is too low, your washer won’t fill up with water, and the 4e error code will appear.
  • Clogged filters: If the filters in the water supply hose or the inlet value are clogged with debris, your washer won’t receive enough water to operate properly.

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind It?

Now that you know the main reasons why the 4e error code may display on your Samsung washer, here are some additional details that might help you better understand the issue:

  • Incorrect leveling: If your washer isn’t level or the legs are not adjusted correctly, it may stop receiving enough water to perform a wash cycle.
  • Water pressure too high: High water pressure can cause the hoses to burst, so Samsung washers are programmed to prevent the water pressure from being too high.
  • Broken parts: If the water valve or another component in your washer is damaged or broken, it may not work correctly, leading to the 4e error code.

The 4e error code on your Samsung washer usually indicates a water supply issue. To fix it, you may need to check the water supply hose connections, clean the filters, and adjust the leveling of the washer properly. If the problem persists, you may need to call a professional repair service to diagnose and fix the problem.

Keep in mind that regular maintenance and proper use of your washer can help prevent these issues from happening in the future.

Troubleshooting The 4E Error Code

What Does 4E Mean On A Samsung Washer

Samsung washers are designed to provide a hassle-free experience, but sometimes error codes can disrupt the appliance’s functioning. The 4e error code is one such problem that indicates a water supply issue. Here’s a guide to fix this error and keep your Samsung washer running smoothly.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Fix The 4E Error Code

If your washer is displaying the 4e error code, follow these steps to resolve it:

  • Turn off the washer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Check the water supply to ensure it’s turned on, and the water pressure is adequate.
  • Inspect the water hose connected to the washer for any kinks or damage.
  • Straighten the hose if it’s twisted or replace it if it’s damaged.
  • Check the water inlet valve screen and clean it if it’s clogged.
  • Reconnect the water hose and turn the water supply back on.
  • Plug in the washer and turn it on to check if the error code is resolved.

How To Identify The Root Cause Of The Error

Before you start troubleshooting the 4e error code, it’s essential to understand its possible causes. Here are some reasons why your Samsung washer may display the 4e error code:

  • Low water pressure
  • Obstruction in the water supply hose
  • Clogged water inlet valve screen
  • Malfunctioning water inlet valve
  • Defective water level sensor
  • Failure of the electronic control board

Checking For Water Supply Problems

Suppose there’s low water pressure or an obstruction in the water supply hose. The following are some steps to address these issues:

  • Turn off the washer and shut off the water supply valve.
  • Check the water pressure and open the valve if it’s closed.
  • Inspect the water supply hose for any kinks or clogs.
  • Replace the water supply hose if it’s damaged.

Inspecting The Water Inlet Valve And Filter

If the water supply is adequate, the problem may lie in the water inlet valve and filter. Follow these steps to inspect and clean them:

  • Turn off the washer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Locate the water inlet valve and remove the water hose connected to it.
  • Check the valve screen for any debris or clogs, and clean it if necessary.
  • Reattach the hose and turn on the water supply.

Tips For Resolving The 4E Error Code

If the above steps don’t resolve the 4e error code, consider these tips:

  • Try redistributing the load in the washer and starting the cycle again.
  • Contact Samsung’s customer support if the error code persists.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve the 4e error code on your Samsung washer. Keeping your washer working correctly will not only save you time and hassle, but it will also ensure that your clothes are clean and fresh every time.

Preventing The 4E Error Code On Samsung Washers

Samsung washers are popular for their efficiency and convenience. One of the error codes that can occur on Samsung washers is 4e, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. Here we dive into what 4e means on a Samsung washer and how to prevent it from appearing so that your washing experience is as smooth as possible.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

To avoid the 4e error code, you will need to perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your Samsung washer. Here are some simple yet effective tips:

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  • Clean the lint filter regularly. A clogged filter can cause problems, including 4e.
  • Inspect the hoses for any cracks or leaks and replace them if necessary.
  • Use a washer cleaner to remove any buildup of detergent, dirt, and other debris that might interfere with the washer’s performance.
  • Run a quick wash cycle with hot water and vinegar every once in a while. This will help clean the drum and tackle any unpleasant odors.

How To Avoid Overload And Prevent Clogs

Overloading your Samsung washer can lead to a 4e error code, as well as other issues. Here are some tips to help you avoid it:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to the weight limits.
  • Spread out your laundry evenly around the drum to avoid an imbalance that can cause the washer to stop working.
  • Check the pockets of clothes for small items such as coins or buttons that can cause blockages.
  • Avoid washing items such as rugs that can make the drum unbalance and trigger the 4e code.

Choosing The Right Detergent

Using the wrong type of detergent or too much of it can cause a 4e error code. Here are some tips to consider when selecting detergent:

  • Choose a detergent that is suitable for front-loading washing machines.
  • Follow the dosing instructions carefully, avoiding using more than necessary. Using too much detergent can cause clogs and make your washer work harder than it needs to.
  • Use a high-efficiency laundry detergent (he) as it is specially designed for washing machines, and it produces fewer suds.
  • Avoid using fabric softener in your machine as it can cause blockages and buildup in the drum.

By following these tips and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you will be able to prevent the 4e error code from appearing on your Samsung washer. With proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy a hassle-free laundry experience and keep your washing machine in good working conditions for years to come.

Common Misconceptions About The 4E Error Code On Samsung Washers

Samsung washers are a household name and a trusted brand for many who are looking for quality cleaning. However, even the best washing machines are not immune to errors, and Samsung washers are no exception. One common error that some users encounter is the 4e error code.

But what does 4e mean on a Samsung washer? Let’s find out.

Debunking Myths

There are several myths surrounding the 4e error code on Samsung washers. Here are some commonly held misconceptions that need debunking:

  • Myth #1: The 4e error code is caused by an unbalanced load.
    while an unbalanced load is one possible cause of the 4e error code, it’s not the only one. There are several other factors that can trigger the error, such as issues with the water supply, the washer’s sensors, or the motor.
  • Myth #2: The 4e error code always indicates a problem with the water supply.
    the 4e error code indicates that the washer is not getting enough water or there’s a problem with water supply, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the problem can actually be with the sensors that measure water levels, or with the motor that pumps water in and out of the washer.
  • Myth #3: You can fix the 4e error code by simply adding more water.
    this might work in some cases, but it’s not the surefire solution to the error. Adding more water could actually make the problem worse, especially if there’s an issue with the sensors or the motor. Plus, adding too much water could also cause an overflow.
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Clearing Up Misconceptions

Now that we’ve debunked some of the myths surrounding the 4e error code, let’s talk about what you can do to clear up the error:

  • Check the water supply.
    the most common cause of the 4e error code is a problem with the water supply. Make sure that the valves are fully open and that the inlet hose is not kinked or clogged. It’s also a good idea to check if there’s enough water pressure.
  • Inspect the washer’s sensors.
    if the water supply is not the problem, the next step is to check the sensors that measure water levels. These sensors can become faulty over time, especially if they get caked with dirt or detergent residue. Remove and clean the sensors, or replace them if necessary.
  • Check the motor.
    if the sensors are working fine, the issue might be with the motor that pumps water in and out of the washer. Look for signs of damage or wear and tear, and consider replacing the motor if needed.
  • Consult the user manual.
    if all else fails, consult the user manual that came with your washer. The manual should have a section dedicated to troubleshooting common errors, including the 4e error code.

Addressing Customer Concerns

It’s natural to feel frustrated or anxious when you encounter an error with your Samsung washer, especially if you’re not sure what’s causing it or how to fix it. That’s why Samsung has a dedicated customer service team that’s available to help you with any concerns or questions you may have about your washer.

If you’re still having trouble resolving the 4e error code on your Samsung washer, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung’s customer service team. They can walk you through some troubleshooting steps over the phone, or schedule a repair appointment with a certified technician if necessary.


Understanding the meaning of error codes on Samsung washers is essential for troubleshooting any appliance-related problems effectively. The 4e error code on a Samsung washer signals a water supply issue. It is imperative to check the hoses, filters, valves, and pressure to resolve the problem.

Taking the standard precautions before calling an expert can save you time and money. It is always best to refer to the user manual, which provides troubleshooting guides and tips on how to use the appliance correctly. Regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary to avoid future appliance issues.

Remember to keep your Samsung washer in good shape by ensuring proper usage, cleaning, and maintenance. A functional washing machine makes your laundry process convenient and reduces the workload. Now that you know what the 4e error code means, you can quickly diagnose the problem and solve it with ease, ensuring a seamless laundry experience.

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