What Does OFB Mean on Whirlpool Washer? Decoding the Mysterious Error Code

Ofb on a whirlpool washer means “out of balance fault.” It indicates that the washer is unable to properly distribute the load of laundry during the spin cycle causing the machine to become unbalanced.

When a load of laundry is unbalanced, it can cause the washer drum to rock back and forth excessively. Ofb error code prevents the machine to spin out of control and stop the machine to prevent damage to the washer.

It is common to see this error code if too few or too many clothes are added or if the clothes are not arranged symmetrically inside the washer drum. In this article, we will go over the causes and solutions of the ofb error code on a whirlpool washer, and provide some tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.

Whirlpool Washers: Understanding The Ofb Error Code

The ofb error code is a common issue with whirlpool washers. It occurs when the machine can’t balance the load and stop the spinning cycle. This error code usually indicates that the washer drum is not centered, making it difficult for the machine to balance it.

This error is typically caused by improper loading of clothes or too many clothes in the washer. To resolve the issue, you must ensure that you have evenly distributed the clothes in the washer, and that you have not overloaded it.

Additionally, it is always advisable to avoid bulky and heavy clothes in a single wash. lastly, if the problem still persists, seek professional help or contact whirlpool customer service for assistance.

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What Does Ofb Stand For?

Ofb error code on a whirlpool washer could spell trouble. Ofb stands for “out of balance. ” If a load is unevenly distributed in the drum, it can trigger the ofb error code. To remedy this, redistribute the clothes and start the cycle again.

If the problem persists, you may need to check if the machine’s legs are levelled. Another possible cause for the ofb code is a malfunctioning control board. This error code makes the washer stop mid-cycle, making it more challenging for the user to complete the laundry task.

Understanding what ofb stands for can be helpful in troubleshooting the issue.

How To Identify And Fix The Ofb Error?

The ofb error on whirlpool washers is an indicator of imbalance during the spin cycle. To detect this error, observe the washer during a spin cycle for excessive vibrations or noise. If the error is detected, try redistributing the load and level the washer.

Another solution is to try cancelling the cycle and starting it again. The ofb error may also be caused by a faulty balance sensor, in which case, it needs to be replaced. To fix the ofb error on your whirlpool washer, start by redistributing the load, levelling the washer, cancelling and restarting the cycle.

If the error persists, you may need to replace the balance sensor or contact a professional repair service.

Preventing The Ofb Error In Whirlpool Washers

To prevent the ofb error code in whirlpool washers, there are proactive measures you can take. Regular maintenance is crucial, including cleaning the washer and checking for any blockages. Ensure the washer is properly balanced and not overloaded. Use the correct amount of detergent and avoid using non-he products.

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When selecting a wash cycle, choose the appropriate cycle for the load size and type. Consider getting a professional technician to inspect the washer for any underlying issues. By following these best practices and maintenance tips, you can prevent the ofb error code and enjoy a hassle-free laundry experience.

Common Questions About The Ofb Error Code

The ofb error code on whirlpool washers is not well understood by many, which leads to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. In a bid to clarify some of these misconceptions, we will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the ofb error code and whirlpool washers.

First of all, what does ofb mean on whirlpool washer? Contrary to popular belief, there is no general consensus on what ofb stands for. Some have suggested “out of balance” while others believe it’s short for “off balance load”. Whatever it means, the truth is that it is an issue with the washer’s load balance.

Secondly, is the ofb error code something to be worried about? Yes, it is. Whenever you notice the ofb error code, it’s best to stop the washer and deal with the issue before proceeding.


Understanding error codes on whirlpool washers is crucial for proper maintenance and upkeep. Ofb, in particular, indicates that the washer has detected an out-of-balance load and has paused the cycle to redistribute the clothes evenly. If ignored, this issue can cause damage to the machine, resulting in costly repairs.

However, through proper loading techniques and regular maintenance checks, this error code can be avoided. By ensuring that clothes are distributed evenly throughout the washer and avoiding overloading, owners can prevent the occurrence of ofb error codes and extend the life of their machines.

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While the appearance of error codes like ofb can be frustrating, they serve as important warning signs for proper washer use and maintenance. By staying informed and diligent about proper washer care, owners can avoid these issues and keep their machines operating smoothly for years to come.

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