What Size Moving Truck Do I Need for a StressFree and Efficient Move?

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

The size of the moving truck you will need depends on the size of your move.

For smaller moves, such as 1 room or a studio apartment, a small box truck that is 10-ft, 12-ft, or 14-ft in size should be sufficient.

These trucks have weight limits ranging from 2,850 lbs to 3,610 lbs.

For medium-sized moves, such as a 2-bedroom apartment or a 3-bedroom home, a 15-ft, 16-ft, or 17-ft box truck is recommended, with weight limits ranging from 4,220 lbs to 6,385 lbs.

If you have a larger move, such as a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house, a larger box truck or a pick-up truck can accommodate your needs.

It is always recommended to choose the larger moving truck if deciding between two options.

Pricing for moving truck rentals varies depending on the rental company, the distance traveled, and the size of the truck.

Key Points:

  • Size of the moving truck depends on the size of the move.
  • Small box trucks (10-ft, 12-ft, or 14-ft) are suitable for smaller moves like 1 room or a studio apartment.
  • Weight limits for small box trucks range from 2,850 lbs to 3,610 lbs.
  • Medium-sized moves (2-bedroom apartment or 3-bedroom home) require 15-ft, 16-ft, or 17-ft box trucks with weight limits ranging from 4,220 lbs to 6,385 lbs.
  • Larger moves (2-3 bedroom apartment or house) can be accommodated with larger box trucks or pick-up trucks.
  • Choosing the larger moving truck is recommended when deciding between two options.

Did You Know?

1. Did you know that the term “moving truck” originated from the days when people used horse-drawn carriages to transport their belongings? The carriages were often large in size to accommodate all the furniture and boxes, and over time, the term “moving truck” stuck even after the transition to motorized vehicles.

2. In the United States, the size of a moving truck is typically determined by the number of rooms in a house. The industry standard is that a 10-12 feet truck can usually handle a one-bedroom or small two-bedroom apartment, while a 26 feet truck can accommodate a three to four-bedroom house.

3. Surprisingly, the size of a moving truck doesn’t always correlate exactly with the dimensions stated on the truck. External dimensions might be slightly smaller due to the construction of the vehicle, while the internal dimensions may be slightly larger due to wall thickness. So, it’s good to consult with a truck rental company for accurate measurements.

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4. When it comes to selecting the right truck size, it’s not just about the number of rooms you have. The amount and size of furniture, appliances, and belongings you own also play a significant role. It’s always a good idea to create an inventory list and consult with a moving professional to determine the appropriate truck size.

5. Did you know that some moving truck rental companies offer fuel-efficient models? These trucks are specially designed to be more environmentally friendly and can help reduce your carbon footprint during a move. It’s worth considering, especially if sustainability is important to you.

Introduction: What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

Moving can be a daunting task, requiring careful planning and organization. One of the most important factors to consider is determining what size moving truck is needed for your specific needs.

The size of the truck will depend on the:

  • size of your move
  • number of rooms or belongings you need to transport
  • distance you will be traveling

In this article, we will discuss the various sizes of moving trucks available, as well as their recommended uses and capacity. By understanding these factors, you can ensure a stress-free and efficient move.

Recommended Truck Types: Box Trucks And Pick-Up Trucks

When it comes to choosing a moving truck, box trucks and pick-up trucks are the two main types to consider. Box trucks are commonly used for moving and come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. These trucks feature a large, enclosed cargo area that provides ample space for your belongings. On the other hand, pick-up trucks offer a cheaper and more compact alternative for moving smaller loads or bulky furniture.

Small Box Truck Sizes For 1 Room Or Studio Apartment

For small moves, such as moving out of a studio apartment or just one room, a small box truck is suitable. Rental truck companies like U-Haul, Penske, and Budget offer small box trucks in sizes ranging from 10-ft to 12-ft. These trucks are perfect for transporting the contents of a single room or a studio apartment. They have weight limits that range from 2,850 lbs to 3,610 lbs and offer gas mileage between 8-14 mpg.

  • Small box trucks are suitable for small moves
  • Sizes of small box trucks range from 10-ft to 12-ft
  • Perfect for transporting the contents of a single room or a studio apartment
  • Weight limits of small box trucks range from 2,850 lbs to 3,610 lbs
  • Gas mileage of small box trucks ranges between 8-14 mpg

Note: Small box trucks are an efficient option for small moves.

Medium Box Truck Sizes For 2-3 Rooms Or 2-Bedroom Apartment

For medium-sized moves, such as a 2-3 room apartment or a 2-bedroom home, medium box trucks are the recommended option. U-Haul, Penske, Budget, and U-Haul offer box trucks in sizes ranging from 15-ft to 17-ft. These trucks can accommodate the belongings of 2-3 rooms, a 2-bedroom apartment, a 3-4 room 1-bedroom home, or a 3-bedroom apartment or condo. The weight limits of these trucks range from 4,220 lbs to 6,385 lbs, making them suitable for larger loads. They are also ideal for long-distance moves.

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Large Box Truck Sizes For 2-3 Bedroom Apartments Or Houses

If you are moving from a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house, large box trucks are the recommended choice. U-Haul and Penske offer box trucks in sizes that can handle the weight of washers and dryers, making them perfect for larger moves. These trucks provide ample space for the contents of 2-3 bedroom apartments or houses. They are spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings and offer the durability necessary for a successful move.

Cost Of Renting Different Size Moving Trucks

The cost of renting a moving truck will vary depending on the rental company and the distance traveled. For local moves, the cost includes a daily rental fee and a fee per mile. Cargo vans and 10-12-ft trucks typically start at $20 to $30 per day, while larger trucks range from $30 to $50 per day. Prices for 26-ft truck rentals can vary considerably. When dropping off the rental at a different location, additional fees may apply.

For long-distance moves, the main cost factor is the distance traveled. On average, a cargo van rental for a long-distance move can cost between $500 to $700, while a 26-ft truck rental can range from $1,200 to $2,200. It’s essential to check with individual rental companies for precise pricing information.

Choosing the right size moving truck is crucial for a stress-free and efficient move. By understanding your specific moving needs and considering factors such as the size of your home, the number of rooms, and the distance you will be traveling, you can select the most suitable truck size. Always err on the side of caution and choose a larger truck if you are unsure. Additionally, utilizing online calculators and consulting with moving truck rental companies will assist in determining the ideal size truck for your move. With careful planning and consideration, you can ensure a smooth and successful move to your new location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size truck I need?

To determine the right truck size for your needs, take advantage of an online moving calculator. This tool will assess the cubic space required based on the items you plan to transport, whether it’s beds, boxes, or even unicycles. By providing accurate input, the calculator will help you narrow down the truck size options to those that align with your specific volume needs. Once you have a shortlist, check the cubic footage capacity of each truck size to ensure it accommodates your belongings comfortably.

Is a 26-foot moving truck big enough?

Yes, a 26-foot moving truck is more than spacious enough for your move. With its abundant capacity, it is suitable for families with three to five bedrooms and around 15 medium-sized furniture pieces. This large truck provides ample room to accommodate all your belongings, ensuring a smooth and efficient move.

Is a 16 foot moving truck big enough?

Yes, a 16-foot moving truck is big enough to comfortably hold three to four rooms worth of belongings. With a weight capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, it can accommodate around 250 medium boxes or a combination of medium-sized furniture items. This size truck is also suitable for small businesses looking to relocate. Overall, the 16-foot moving truck provides a practical solution for most residential or commercial moving needs.

Is a 20 foot truck big enough?

Absolutely! Our 20-foot truck is the perfect size for growing families who are moving into a larger home. This spacious truck can easily accommodate the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home or a large apartment. With ample space for furniture, appliances, and other belongings, you can comfortably transport everything you need for your new space. Whether it’s mattresses, couches, dining tables, or boxes of personal items, our 20-foot truck will provide you with sufficient room for a smooth and efficient move.

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