What Style Is Restoration Hardware? A Guide

What Style Is Restoration Hardware?

Restoration Hardware is an interior design style characterized by clean lines, neutral hues, oversized furniture, abstract artwork, symmetrical spaces, luxurious textiles, gilded mirrors, and glamorous lighting.

It can also be described as transitional, modern, French country, rustic, or California coastal.

The style combines rustic and refined elements to create elevated and timeless spaces.

Restoration Hardware offers various design collections, including contemporary, beach house, modern, and ski house.

The RH showroom and online catalogs are popular sources of inspiration for incorporating RH decor in homes.

Key Points:

  • Restoration Hardware is an interior design style known for its clean lines and neutral hues.
  • It is characterized by oversized furniture, abstract artwork, and symmetrical spaces.
  • Restoration Hardware combines rustic and refined elements to create elegant and timeless spaces.
  • The style can also be described as transitional, modern, French country, rustic, or California coastal.
  • Restoration Hardware offers various design collections, including contemporary, beach house, modern, and ski house.
  • The RH showroom and online catalogs are popular sources of inspiration for incorporating Restoration Hardware decor in homes.

Did You Know?

1. Restoration Hardware’s design style is commonly referred to as “modern farmhouse,” combining contemporary elements with rustic charm to create a timeless look.

2. The company was founded in 1979 by Stephen Gordon, who initially sold antique door hardware from a garage before expanding into a full-fledged home furnishings brand.

3. Restoration Hardware is known for its meticulous attention to detail, and many of their furniture pieces are inspired by actual historical designs, ranging from European castles to American industrial factories.

4. Every year, Restoration Hardware publishes an iconic 2,300-page catalog that has become highly sought after by designers and home decor enthusiasts alike. It is known for its luxurious photography and comprehensive selection of home furnishings.

5. In addition to furniture and home decor, Restoration Hardware also offers a wide range of lighting options, textiles, bathware, outdoor furniture, and even baby and child products. Their collections cater to various aesthetic preferences, from minimalist and modern to traditional and grand.

What Is Restoration Hardware Style?

Restoration Hardware (RH) is an interior design style that has gained immense popularity in recent years. This style is characterized by its:

  • Clean lines
  • Neutral hues
  • Oversized furniture
  • Abstract artwork
  • Symmetrical spaces
  • Luxurious textiles
  • Gilded mirrors
  • Glamorous lighting
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The RH style can be described as a mix of:

  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • French country
  • Rustic
  • California coastal aesthetics

It strikes a perfect balance between rustic and refined elements to create interesting and soothing spaces.

Important Features Of Restoration Hardware Style

Restoration Hardware style incorporates several key features that contribute to its elevated and timeless look. First and foremost, the use of dark artwork, white bedding, mirrors, and curtains hung at ceiling height creates a balanced and luxurious feel. The mix of hard surfaces like marble and brass with soft textures like velvet and plush rugs adds visual interest to a space.

Another notable feature of RH style is the presence of moss-filled bowls and planters. These items serve as great decorative accents, especially when placed on a coffee table. They bring a touch of nature indoors and add a sense of tranquility.

In dining spaces, Restoration Hardware showcases a sophisticated yet casual California coastal look. The dining chairs often come with casters, allowing for easy movement and versatility. This style also employs balance and symmetry as prominent design principles. Repeat decorations, matching furniture pieces, double cabinets and mirrors are frequently utilized to create a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

Oversized rugs are used in most spaces designed in the RH style. These rugs act as a foundation, allowing furniture legs to sit on them comfortably. Additionally, RH places great emphasis on super-sized elements such as plants, lighting fixtures, rugs, artwork, coffee tables, and seating. These larger-than-life elements make a bold statement and add an element of grandeur to the space.

Restoration Hardware Collections And Inspiration Sources

Restoration Hardware offers various design collections to suit different tastes and preferences. These collections include contemporary, beach house, modern, and ski house themes. Each collection has its own unique features and elements that align with the overall RH aesthetic.

For inspiration, many turn to RH showrooms and online catalogs. These sources provide a wealth of design ideas and showcase how RH decor can be effortlessly incorporated into homes. They offer a glimpse into the curated and carefully orchestrated style that Restoration Hardware is known for.

By exploring the RH collections and drawing inspiration from their showroom displays, homeowners and interior designers alike can gain a better understanding of the Restoration Hardware style and find creative ways to incorporate it into their own spaces.

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Achieving Restoration Hardware Style In Home Decor On A Budget

Restoration Hardware is known for its stunning furniture and decor, but it can be expensive for some. However, there are ways to achieve the RH style without breaking the bank.

  • Seek out alternatives: Stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods offer affordable options for rugs, lamps, and artwork that can recreate the RH aesthetic.

  • DIY oversized artwork: Create your own oversized artwork using plaster and a white canvas from a craft store. This allows for customization while still achieving the desired RH style.

  • RH membership program: Sign up for RH’s membership program to access special pricing and complimentary services from interior designers. This can help homeowners get the Restoration Hardware look with professional guidance and assistance.

Where To Shop For Restoration Hardware Style Furniture And Decor

If you’re interested in shopping for furniture and decor that aligns with the Restoration Hardware style, there are several options available:

  1. RH itself, both in-store and online, offers an extensive selection of furniture, decor, artwork, lighting, and rugs. This makes it easy for homeowners to find the perfect pieces to achieve the desired RH look.

  2. For those looking for more budget-friendly alternatives, RH outlet stores can be a great option. These outlets offer discounted prices on RH merchandise, allowing you to achieve the desired style at a more affordable price point.

  3. Arhaus is another store worth exploring. It offers a similar style to Restoration Hardware but at a more accessible price range.

  4. You may also want to check out Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation, McGee & Co., and TJ Maxx. These places also offer furniture and decor in the Restoration Hardware style.

By exploring these sources, homeowners can find a wide variety of options to bring the Restoration Hardware style into their homes while staying within their desired budget.

  • RH itself: extensive selection of furniture, decor, artwork, lighting, and rugs
  • RH outlet stores: discounted prices on RH merchandise
  • Arhaus: similar style at a more accessible price range
  • Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation, McGee & Co., and TJ Maxx: also offer Restoration Hardware style furniture and decor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What decorating style is restoration hardware?

Restoration Hardware’s decorating style can be characterized as a harmonious blend of contrasting elements. It effortlessly combines timeless elegance with a relaxed and elevated aesthetic. By striking a delicate balance between rustic and refined elements, as well as light and dark tones, Restoration Hardware achieves a unique and captivating design style that is both classic and chic.

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What style is restoration?

Restoration style is a captivating fusion of artistic and literary expressions that emerged in England during the post-monarchy period under Charles II, lasting from 1660 to the late 1680s. This elegant and ornate style draws its inspiration from the cultural revival that accompanied the restoration of the monarchy. Characterized by intricate designs, opulent materials, and a focus on gracefulness, restoration style encapsulates the refined tastes and lavish aesthetics that defined this unique era in English history.

What makes restoration hardware different?

One of the key differentiators of Restoration Hardware lies in its unwavering commitment to using natural fibers and neutral tones in its products. Embracing the essence of raw materials, Restoration Hardware offers an extensive range of furniture and decor made from cool, natural elements such as wool rugs, wooden sideboards, and concrete tables. By emphasizing the use of these natural materials, Restoration Hardware creates a distinctive aesthetic that invokes a sense of tranquility and timeless elegance in their designs.

Moreover, by placing an emphasis on natural fibers and neutral tones, Restoration Hardware seamlessly blends its products into various interior styles, making them versatile and accessible to a wider range of individuals. This focus not only allows their pieces to complement different design aesthetics but also ensures that they stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and style. Restoration Hardware’s dedication to utilizing these cool, natural materials sets them apart, creating a unique and cohesive collection that resonates with those seeking a harmonious connection with the environment in their home decor choices.

Why is it called restoration hardware?

Restoration Hardware got its name from the company’s founding principle of offering high-quality hardware products to support the restoration of homes and fixtures. The brand was born out of the frustrations faced by founder Stephen Gordon while looking for affordable yet reliable hardware during the restoration of his Victorian home. Recognizing the market gap, Restoration Hardware emerged as a solution, providing an extensive range of restoration and architectural products for consumers. Since its establishment in 1979, the company has since grown into a nationwide success, continuously expanding its stores and product offerings to become a leading provider in the industry.

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