Made in Japan: Where are Toshiba Microwaves Manufactured?

Made in Japan: Where are Toshiba Microwaves Manufactured?

Toshiba is a well-known brand in the appliance industry, offering a range of home and kitchen appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. Many people wonder where Toshiba microwaves are made, so here’s what you need to know.

Toshiba has manufacturing plants in countries all over the world, including the United States, Japan, Thailand and China. Depending on where you buy your microwave from, it may have been made at one of these factories or even another location entirely.

For those who live in North America or Europe, it is most likely that their Toshiba microwave will have been made in either China or Thailand. This is due to Toshiba manufacturing many of their microwaves there for export to these regions. However, some models may still be made elsewhere such as Japan – this information can usually be checked on product specifications when you purchase your microwave.

Regardless of where your Toshiba microwave was produced, rest assured that all of the products are under strict quality control guidelines ensuring that they meet safety standards before they leave the factory and check our website for further information on warranty and technical support should you need it.

History of Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company that was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1875. The company quickly grew from its origins as an engineering business, expanding into manufacturing consumer and electronic products. Since then, it has become one of the biggest global technology companies with subsidiaries around the world.

Toshiba has been manufacturing microwaves for over three decades, primarily at its plants located in China. In 2018, Toshiba opened a new microwave facility using advanced automated production lines in Wuhu, Anhui Province to manufacture microwaves for both domestic and international customers. In addition to producing microwaves for commercial use and for sale to consumers, Toshiba also produces microwave ovens for industrial purposes at this Chinese facility.

At the same time Toshiba sell their product multiple countries like Europe, West Asia and North America with good quality product according to customers budget.

Toshiba Microwave Manufacturing Locations

Toshiba microwaves are made in several locations around the world. The company has production facilities in Japan, China and Malaysia. In Japan, Toshiba manufactures its microwaves for various Japanese brands such as Lillo and Sharp. In addition to its domestic production, Toshiba also produces microwaves for popular American brands Whirlpool and Kenmore.

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In China, Toshiba has two production lines dedicated to microwave manufacturing while its Malaysian facility is used to manufacture a range of ovens and combination microwave ovens. This ensures a steady supply of high quality products at competitive prices in both local and global markets.

Reasons for Toshiba Microwaves Being Made in Specific Locations

Toshiba’s microwaves are typically produced around the world, but their largest production sites are located in Japan, China, India and Thailand. Toshiba is a Japanese-based company and their home country is currently responsible for much of the company’s manufacturing operations.

In terms of why these particular countries have been chosen, it mainly comes down to the resources available to Toshiba in these locations. Each area has its own unique strengths that can support and even enhance Toshiba’s ability to produce quality microwaves.

  • Japan offers Toshiba access to knowledgeable technicians who understand the factory environment and can help with production.
  • China‘s large population allows for greater efficiency when it comes to labor costs—particularly when combined with economical machinery.
  • India has a large pool of engineering talent who can assist in developing innovative solutions.
  • Thailand offers economical energy resources—such as natural gas—and other industrial advantages that have kept production costs low for Toshiba over the years.

In addition, by manufacturing at several different sites around the world, Toshiba is able to reduce transportation costs for export products—which further contributes to their success as a leading global microwave producer.

Quality Control in Toshiba Microwave Manufacturing

Toshiba is committed to quality control across every step of their microwave manufacturing process. All Toshiba microwaves, regardless of model or price range, are built to stringent quality standards using only the highest quality materials. To ensure that all consumers receive the best quality product possible, two factories in China independently oversee their manufacturing process from start to finish.

To guarantee consistent, reliable results in each and every microwave they manufacture, these two factories use cutting-edge technology and automated processes throughout their production process. For example, at Toshiba’s LangFang Factory, sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) systems are used during the design and prototyping phase of production to create an accurate blueprint before any physical parts are even made. Additionally, the factory is equipped with industrial robots that automate a part of the assembly process to ensure that machines are manufactured correctly down to each individual component.

Finally, with a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians onsite at each factory overseeing every step of production – including inspections during final assembly – you can rest assured that your Toshiba microwave will be perfectly designed for optimal performance and convenience from top-to-bottom!

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Benefits of Toshiba Microwaves

Toshiba microwaves are renowned for their ease of use and affordability. Their sophisticated heating technology offers users a wide range of features, making them a great choice for anyone looking for quick and convenient cooking solutions. These high-quality products are designed to last, providing years of reliable service. Additionally, Toshiba microwaves offer various benefits that make them a popular choice among consumers.

A Toshiba microwave offers users precise control over their cooking times, allowing them to adjust temperatures quickly and accurately. The built-in sensors detect when the desired temperature has been reached and alert the user accordingly. This makes it easier to prepare meals while still achieving optimal results. As an added bonus, all Toshiba microwaves feature a timer option that can be set in one-minute increments up to ten minutes, letting you multitask when needed during the cooking process.

In terms of design, Toshiba microwaves provide several advantages over other brands. They are space-saving devices with many models featuring small footprints and sleek designs that fit into almost any kitchen layout. Additionally, they come with easy-to-use digital keypads that light up so food is cooked without guesswork or confusion about settings and modes. Finally, many Toshiba microwaves also offer one-touch presets for popular apps such as popcorn or reheat functions so you can get meals ready faster than ever before.

Since its founding in 1899, the Japanese manufacturer has held true to its commitment of producing high quality electronics with carefully thought out features tailored to better suit their customers’ needs – all made with the utmost attention to detail at their state–of–the–art factories located around the world including Japan and Mexico City metro areas in North America just to name a few locations where they manufacture some of their most popular models like the classic 0.9 cubic foot option boasting 900 watts of power as well as 1 cubic foot options sporting 1120 watts of power perfect for households larger than 4 people due its roomy interior cavity allowing multiple plates spread out on its rotating turntable while being equally useful if limited countertop space is available depending on what type combination fits your family best!

Environmental Impact of Toshiba Microwave Manufacturing

Toshiba is a global leader in consumer appliances, including microwaves. But the impacts of manufacturing these products on the environment are often unseen, and it behooves consumers to think responsibly when purchasing. This guide will explain the environmental impact of Toshiba’s microwave production, from inception to consumer purchase.

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Manufacturing Process: Toshiba has implemented a strict quality control system to ensure that its products meet safety and environmental standards during production. The durable plastics used in their microwaves are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead or PVC, and Toshiba also uses recycled materials and energy efficient technology in its assembly processes.

Environmental Impact: Toshiba prides itself on creating energy efficient microwaves that use less electricity than traditional models. The company uses green energy practices during the manufacturing process, such as solar panel farms and other renewable sources for power generation. Additionally, the majority of production waste is recycled appropriately or reused for other purposes whenever possible.

Supply Chain: The supply chain for Toshiba microwaves is carefully monitored to ensure that components are ethically sourced and produced without harming the environment or taking advantage of global communities unfairly. Workers enjoy safe working conditions with fair wages, while the company works steadfastly towards reducing its carbon footprint along every step of its supply chain.

Consumer Purchase: Consumers can rest assured that buying a Toshiba microwave contributes minimally to their carbon footprint compared to similar brands on the market; choosing an energy efficient model further contributes towards responsible consumption patterns. Purchasing a microwave also comes with educational material for proper and responsible setup and maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance with no additional waste created in usage patterns or disposal later down the line.


The conclusion of where Toshiba Microwaves are made is that, for the most part, Toshiba Microwaves are made in Japan. However, there are a few models that are manufactured and assembled in other countries like China and Thailand.

It is important to note that the quality and features may vary between the different models, so it’s always best to research before making any purchasing decisions. Additionally, if you find a model that you like but isn’t produced in Japan, you can still enjoy its features knowing that it was still designed with the same precision care as all other Toshiba products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where are Toshiba microwaves made?

A1: Toshiba microwaves are manufactured in Japan, Thailand, and China.

Q2: Does Toshiba make other kitchen appliances?

A2: Yes, Toshiba makes other kitchen appliances such as toasters and coffee makers.

Q3: What is the warranty period for Toshiba microwaves?

A3: The warranty period for Toshiba microwaves is one year.

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