How to Effortlessly Just Dry on LG Washer Dryer: Quick Guide

To dry on lg washer dryer, select the desired drying cycle and press start. Lg washer dryers are designed to make laundry easier and more convenient for you.

With a range of drying options, including different drying cycles, temperatures, and time settings, you can choose the perfect program for your clothes. To just dry on lg washer dryer, follow these simple steps: select the desired drying cycle, adjust the temperature as needed, and finally, press start.

The machine does the rest, and your laundry will be ready in no time. Moreover, make sure to follow proper care and maintenance for your lg washer dryer, to ensure its optimal and efficient performance. Read on to learn more about how to just dry on lg washer dryer.

Understanding The Lg Washer Dryer

The lg washer dryer is a multipurpose machine that eliminates the need for two separate appliances. It has a range of features that set it apart from other washer dryers in the market. The company’s approach to design, performance, and usability is unmatched.

The lg washer dryer’s slim, elegant design with a large capacity drum means it can handle more washing at once, saving time and energy. Smartthinq technology allows you to control your machine remotely using your smartphone or voice assistant, making it convenient and efficient.

The artificial intelligence direct drive motor makes the machine energy efficient and long-lasting. Overall, the lg washer dryer is a top-quality product that exceeds expectations and provides value for money.

Getting Ready To Just Dry

Before starting the process of just drying on your lg washer dryer, there are a few things you need to check off your list. Firstly, clean the lint filter to avoid any obstructions. Secondly, remove any remaining clothes from the washer dryer and ensure the drum is empty.

Thirdly, select the correct drying cycle based on the fabric type. Fourthly, adjust the drying time and temperature as per your preferences. Finally, ensure the water supply is turned off since only the dryer function will be used. These simple steps will help prepare your lg washer dryer for the just drying process and ensure optimal results.

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Loading The Washer

Properly loading your lg washer dryer is essential for optimizing the just dry feature. To start, avoid overloading the washer drum and, if possible, separate heavy and light fabrics. Fill the drum to about three-quarters full and evenly distribute the load for efficient circulation.

Also, ensure that zippers and other sharp objects are not snagged or tangled and use mesh laundry bags for delicate items. Furthermore, select the proper cycle and temperature for the fabrics being washed and avoid using too much detergent. Following these tips will not only improve drying time but also prolong the life of your lg washer dryer.

Setting The Right Temperature

To set the ideal temperature for just drying on an lg washer dryer, start by accessing the temperature settings on the control panel. Look for the “temp” button and press it to display the available options. Select the temperature range that best suits your garments and climate conditions.

Keep in mind that a higher temperature will cause the clothes to dry faster, but may also damage delicate fabrics. Conversely, a lower temperature will be safer for sensitive garments, but may prolong the drying time. Always refer to the care label instructions on your clothes to ensure they are not subjected to temperatures beyond their limits.

Adjust the temperature settings as needed and start the drying cycle. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of your lg washer dryer!

Selecting The Right Program

Selecting the right program is crucial when it comes to just drying on an lg washer dryer. Let’s discuss the different dryer programs available on the lg washer dryer and which program would be best suited for just drying. An important thing to consider is the type of fabric you would like to dry.

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There are separate programs for cotton, wool, denim, and more. For just drying, the sensor dry program would be the best option. It senses moisture levels and stops the cycle when the clothes are dry. You can also customize the temperature and dryness level as per your preference.

Overall, choosing the right program for your lg washer dryer will not only save you time but also energy.

Starting The Just Drying Process

To start the just drying process on your lg washer dryer, there are a few options available to you. First, you can press the power button on the control panel. Next, select the dryer option, and then the just dry feature.

You may also use the smartthinq app to remotely initiate the just drying process. In addition, you can use the nfc tag located on the control panel to quickly access the just dry feature. Another option is to simply press and hold the just dry button located on the control panel until the process begins.

Whatever method you choose, the lg washer dryer offers various ways to effectively start the just drying process.

Monitoring The Drying Process

Whether you’re new to lg washer dryers or a seasoned user, monitoring the drying process is key to getting the best results. To start, load the machine with the appropriate amount of laundry and select the appropriate drying cycle. Then, keep an eye on the drying time and temperature to ensure it’s going smoothly.

Check the lint filter and condenser periodically to prevent blockages, and make sure the machine is properly ventilated. Lastly, don’t forget to check the clothes at regular intervals to prevent over-drying or overheating. By following these steps, you can ensure that your lg washer dryer will produce perfectly dry and fresh-smelling clothes every time.

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Wrapping Up The Just Drying Process

After the drying process on your lg washer dryer, it’s important to know when your clothes are ready to be removed. Wait for the dryer to cool down before opening it. Check your clothes for any dampness by feeling for moisture or using a moisture sensor.

If they are still damp, put them back in for the remaining time or use the timer function. Once they’re done, remove your clothes carefully from the drum to avoid wrinkling or tangling. Check the lint filter and empty it if necessary.

Fold or hang your clothes immediately to prevent further wrinkling. And that’s it – you’ve successfully completed the just drying process on your lg washer dryer!


After following the steps mentioned in this article, you have successfully learned how to dry clothes on your lg washer dryer. It is imperative to understand that the process of drying clothes on a washer dryer can be a bit tricky and requires certain precautions.

However, with the help of these simple steps, you can now confidently dry your clothes on your lg washer dryer without any hassle. Remember to clean the lint filter, sort your clothes according to their material, and use the appropriate drying cycle.

Additionally, it is crucial to avoid overloading the machine and ensure that the clothes are not too wet before putting them for drying. By following these guidelines, you can prolong the life of your lg washer dryer and get perfectly dried clothes every time.

So, go ahead and try it out for yourself!

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