Say Goodbye to Tight Shoes: Will Hey Dudes Shrink in the Dryer?

Hey dudes can shrink in the dryer, especially if they are made of materials like cotton or wool. It is recommended to check the care label and follow the instructions to avoid any damage to the shoes.

Hey dudes, a popular brand of lightweight and comfortable shoes, are a go-to choice for many people. However, one question that arises among hey dudes owners is whether these shoes shrink in the dryer. This concern is valid, especially if you want to keep your shoes in excellent condition and prevent any damage.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to properly care for your hey dudes to avoid any mishaps. This article will delve into the subject of hey dudes and the dryer, explaining whether they shrink or not and giving you some tips on how to care for them. So, keep reading to find out more!

Hey Dudes Material And Care Guide

Hey dudes are the ultimate choice in fashion and comfort footwear. They’re made of a unique blend of materials that sets them apart from other shoes. This guide will explain the material used in hey dudes and provide proper care and maintenance instructions.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a thorough understanding of why hey dudes are the best shoes you’ll ever own.

Explanation Of The Material Used In Hey Dudes Shoes

Hey dudes are made of a combination of materials that make them lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable. Here’s a brief explanation of the materials.

  • Upper material – the upper material is a combination of knit fabric and canvas. The knit fabric provides breathability, while the canvas gives the shoe a structured shape. Together, they create a stylish and sturdy upper.
  • Lining material – the inner lining of hey dudes is made of soft, breathable fabric. This material ensures a comfortable fit and helps to manage moisture, keeping your feet dry and cool.
  • Sole material – the sole of hey dudes is made of a proprietary eva foam called flex & fold. This material is lightweight and flexible, giving the shoe its signature comfort and range of motion.

Proper Care And Maintenance Instructions

To keep your hey dudes looking and feeling their best, there are a few things you should do:

  • Spot clean your shoes regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Avoid machine washing or drying your hey dudes. The heat can warp the sole and damage the knit fabric.
  • Stuff your shoes with newspaper or paper towels to help them keep their shape while they dry after being wet.
  • Store your shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How This Affects The Shoes’ Ability To Shrink In The Dryer

Since hey dudes are made of knit fabric, they are prone to shrinking if they’re exposed to heat for prolonged periods. This makes putting them in the dryer a risky choice, as it could damage the shoe’s material. To avoid any unwanted shrinkage, we recommend air-drying your hey dudes.

This will help them maintain their shape and protect them from damage caused by heat. So, say no to drying your hey dudes in the dryer to preserve their quality and longevity.

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The Science Of Shoe Shrinkage

Hey dudes are the newest trend in casual shoes. Many people who own this kind of footwear wonder whether they shrink in the dryer. This is a common question, and the good news is that it is possible to prevent them from shrinking.

We will explain the science of shoe shrinkage and identify which materials are most susceptible to the process.

Explanation Of The Science Behind Shrinking Shoes

Shoe shrinkage occurs due to the heat and moisture combination in the drying process, which can potentially deform and warp the materials used in making the shoes. When a shoe is placed in a hot and humid environment, the fibers that make up the material become warm and swell up, causing shrinkage and alterations to the shoe’s size, shape, and texture.

The Types Of Materials That Shrink In The Dryer

Some materials are more prone to shrinking than others. The following are the predominant types of materials that sometimes shrink in the dryer:

  • Leather: This type of material can experience shrinking and become stiff when exposed to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Canvas: Canvas shoes can easily shrink in the dryer, and the color fades away as well.
  • Suede: Suede shoes are particularly vulnerable to shrinking as they have rough fibers and are prone to attracting dust particles that can damage them.
  • Polyester: Synthetic materials like polyester can melt or warp in high heat and lead to shrinking.

Which Materials Will Not Shrink In The Dryer

Fortunately, some materials do not experience shrinkage in the dryer. Here are some types of shoe materials you can confidently dry without worrying about shrinking:

  • Rubber: Shoes made out of rubber can withstand high heat and humidity.
  • Nylon: The material is moisture-resistant and maintains its texture and shape even when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Gore-tex: This highly durable and waterproof material used in hiking shoes does not shrink regardless of the heat and humidity.

Hey dude shoes are favorite casual wear that many people adore, and you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the dryer if you use the appropriate heat and drying techniques. Avoid using high heat, and humidity when drying the shoes, and be aware of the materials used in making them.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can continue to enjoy rocking your awesome hey dudes- without them losing their size or shape.

Will Hey Dudes Shrink In The Dryer?

Hey dudes have become a trendy and comfortable shoe choice for many people. They are lightweight, flexible and stylish. However, if you’ve purchased a pair of hey dudes and they don’t fit your feet, you may be wondering whether they will shrink in the dryer.

In this post, we’ll look at whether hey dudes will shrink in the dryer, the best temperature setting to use, how to control shrinkage, and the risks involved.

Steps To Follow Before Attempting To Shrink Shoes In The Dryer

Before attempting to shrink your hey dudes in the dryer, you should follow these steps to ensure that you do not damage them:

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  • Read the washing instructions carefully. Make sure to check if your particular pair of hey dudes can be washed or not.
  • If your hey dudes cannot be washed, do not attempt to put them in the dryer. Instead, try breaking them in by wearing them for short periods until they fit comfortably.
  • If your hey dudes can be washed and dried in the dryer, make sure to clean them thoroughly before attempting to shrink them. Remove any dirt or debris so that they do not cause damage to the shoes during the drying process.

The Best Temperature Setting To Use When Attempting To Shrink Hey Dudes

When you’re ready to dry your hey dudes, you should use the lowest possible heat setting to prevent any damage to the shoes. It is recommended to use the gentle cycle setting to ensure that the shoes are not subjected to too much heat.

High heat can damage the hey dudes and cause them to shrink unevenly or even warp the sole.

Keep in mind that hey dudes are built with a breathable knit material, which will likely shrink when exposed to heat. Therefore, make sure to dry them on a low-heat setting.

Whether Shrinkage Can Be Controlled And The Risks Involved

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to control the amount of shrinkage that will happen to your hey dudes in the dryer. The material of the shoe may shrink unevenly and cause them to become misshapen or uncomfortable to wear.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully monitor your shoes while they are in the dryer and remove them as soon as they are dry.

Moreover, shrinking hey dudes in the dryer can damage the shoes and impact their durability. Therefore, if you believe that drying them in a dryer could damage or make the hey dudes uncomfortable, it may be best to avoid doing so and wear the shoes in their original form instead.

It is not recommended to put your hey dudes in the dryer if you can avoid it. The risks involved in trying to shrink them outweigh the potential benefits. If your hey dudes do not fit as well as you’d like, the best solution is to continue to wear them and allow them to stretch to your foot.

Alternatives To Shrinking Hey Dudes

Hey dudes have become a staple trend in the fashion industry. They offer comfort and style while bringing out the playful side in every person. However, a question that frequently arises among hey dude lovers is whether they shrink in the dryer or not.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring alternatives to shrinking hey dudes, how to properly size them to achieve a perfect fit, and when it’s time to consider getting rid of them and investing in a new pair.

Other Ways To Adjust The Fit Of Hey Dudes

There are other ways to adjust the fit of hey dudes without resorting to shrinking them in the dryer. Some of these methods include:

  • Wearing socks that are thicker, thinner, or simply different than your regular socks to adjust the shoe’s fit.
  • Adding insoles or footbeds to increase the shoe’s comfort level and fill any space should they feel loose.
  • Tightening the laces to ensure they are snug. Looser laces tend to make them feel less secure.
  • Trying hey dude’s custom-fit inserts – an additional cushion-like insert that can be added to the shoe to improve fit and comfort level.
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How To Properly Size Hey Dudes For A Perfect Fit

Getting the right size for hey dudes is key to ensuring they fit well, and need no shrinking. Here are some tips:

  • Always measure your foot, if possible, before purchasing any hey dudes. This will prevent you from buying the wrong size and save you the hassle of returning them if things don’t work out with the sizing.
  • If you are between sizes, go a size up. Consider the type of sock you’ll wear, and also how your feet may swell or expand throughout the day.
  • Different hey dude styles and designs fit differently. It’s essential to try them on, especially the ones you like, to get the perfect fit.

When To Consider Getting Rid Of Your Hey Dudes And Investing In A New Pair

Hey dudes are known for their durability, but it’s essential to know when it’s time to say goodbye and invest in a new pair instead of trying to shrink them. Here are some signs it’s time to part ways:

  • Significant wear and tear: As with any shoes, wear and tear can hinder the comfort level, making them less enjoyable to wear.
  • The outsole is worn out or is no longer providing any grip. This could cause slips and falls, which can be dangerous.
  • The insole is no longer supportive enough. This could cause discomfort, especially if you wear them for more extended periods.
  • They are no longer your style: Trends change, and so do fashion preferences. If the style no longer suits your style, consider replacing them to try out something new.

Remember, taking proper care of your hey dudes will ensure they last longer and stay comfortable. It’s essential to clean them regularly, avoid exposing them to excessive heat, and always store them in a dry place.


After conducting our research and experiments, we can confidently say that hey dudes may shrink in the dryer. Factors such as the fabric make-up and the dryer’s heat settings can affect the shoe’s size and overall fit. However, there are steps you can take to preserve your hey dudes’ size and shape.

Handwashing and air-drying are recommended by the brand and can help elongate the lifespan of your shoes. It’s essential to read the care instructions and take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your hey dudes. Ultimately, whether or not hey dudes will shrink in the dryer depends on how you care for them.

With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your comfortable and stylish shoes for years to come. Remember to always consider the fabric and heat when washing and drying your hey dudes to prevent shrinkage.

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